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Smith River, Montana

Fluttering caddis & nervous riffles

The Smith River trip is a retreat into the interior of Montana, amidst hidden canyons, quiet waters and enchanted moments where angler and trout are joined in the stillness of river music. Lewis and Clark Expeditions will escort you through 60 miles of this Montana wilderness in the company of graceful raptors, arching rainbows and the stealth movement of elk and deer. Stoneflies and caddis flutter atop nervous riffles leading trout into temptation Mayflies float languidly down the canyon walls as large brown trout rise deliberately to sip them. The Smith unfolds her mysterious moods with each new bend in the river. On sturdy Avon rafts, we drift along and float past ancient pictographs from Native American Shaman, reminding us of our links to the past. You’ll be mesmerized by the effortless glide of the Bald Eagle. The trip through the Smith River Canyon is an opportunity to trace your footsteps in both the best of yesterday and today. By any measure, this trip is among the most profoundly exhilarating experiences to be had in the American West. You will float along the banks of this historic river for five days, camp among the stars and bond with your past.