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Sandy, Clackamas & John Day Steelhead Fishing

Sandy and Clackamas Rivers Winter Fishing:
The Clackamas and Sandy Rivers are two rivers that produce good numbers of winter run and early summer run Steelhead. These rivers run off the West slope of the Cascade Mountain Range and are tributaries to the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. We offer day floats on both rivers covering six to twelve miles of water each day. These rivers are perfectly suited to be fished in the classic wet fly swing using a sink-tip. Two handed “spey” rods are very effective.

Our talented guide, Marty Sheppard and his experienced guide staff always supply lunch, flies and rods to demo at no extra fee. All of the knowledge of catching Steelhead on the fly will be passed on to you by educating you on fly selection, reading water, mending, casting instruction, and storytelling.

Steelhead Run Time

Jan – Feb / Hatchery winter Steelhead

Feb – March / Wild winter Steelhead

April – May / Summer Steelhead

John Day Steelhead Fishing:
Novemeber and December are great for numbers on the John Day River. We offer multi-day float and camping trips on some of the best wild Steelhead water in the world. These floats can range from 2-4 days. Camps will be set up on prime water with all the luxuries one would expect from our first class operation! A heated wall tent is set for cooking, eating, and sleeping. Cots with air mattresses are supplied. We will provide wonderful river meals cooked dutch oven style
with the most delicious desserts. This stretch of water will open up 18 miles of Steelhead heaven.