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Pyramid Lake, Nevada – The Pyramid Lake Fly Company


Pyramid Lake, Nevada is home to the World’s largest cutthroat trout!

Pyramid lake is a remnant of the once massive, Lake Lahontan, which used to cover a large portion of Nevada.  The native tribe of the reservation are the Paiute’s, who have lived off of Pyramid Lake and the near half a million acres of surrounding land for centuries. The native’s pridefully speak of the history of the lake and they have tales of fish weighing in over 80 pounds, but only a few photos have been documented to show the size that the fish used to grow to.  

Just 35 minutes from Reno, Nevada, Pyramid is home of World’s largest Cutthroat trout.  This is also where the infamous Truckee River ends its journey and empties into the alkali-rich lake. Plentiful in numbers, the lake holds outstanding amounts of massive Pilot Peak and Pyramid (“Summit” strain) strain Cutthroat trout. Many of these fish weigh in over the 10 pound mark and it is not uncommon to see a fish over 20 pounds landed if the conditions are right.

Pyramid Lake offers anglers miles upon miles of easily accessible waters to fish. The Pyramid Fly Co. team has spent hundreds of hours in search of the best beaches and tactics that produce the biggest size and numbers of fish. The team has also spent countless hours creating new and innovative flies for fishing this specific watershed.

From personal pontoon boats to customized fishing ladders, you will fish in comfort all throughout your day. Not to mention, they will conveniently have their PFC 5th-wheel trailer available for resting and all of your restroom needs. These trips are all about the customer and that’s why PFC offers the highest end guiding services at Pyramid Lake.

At Leland, we know gear and we have what it takes for pursuing these hard fighting fish. We’ve put together a list of our “go to gear” for our travels to Pyramid Lake.  Feel free to browse away and contact us directly with any further questions.

                  Recommended Gear List:

-Rod: Red Truck Diesel 5110-4 Fly Rod

-Reel:  Red Truck Diesel Migration 6Nine Sealed Drag Reel – 6/9

-Line: Skagit Head:  275 grain Commando Head
-Running Line:  Leland BC Running Line

-Leader and Tippet:  Leland BC Leaders

-Flies: Casey’s Midnight Midge, Casey’s UV Midnight Tiger Midge, Captain’s Olive Balanced Darter Baitfish, Captain’s Balanced Midnight Cowboy Leech, Zebra Midge, Blood Midge, Tadpole, Foam Beetles, Wooly Buggers.

-Net:  Leland Rod Co. British Columbia Boat Net

-Outerwear:  Kast Gear Boost Softshell JacketLOOP Leipik Liner Jacket, LOOP Lainio Wading Jacket

-Gloves and Accessories:  KAST Steelhead Glove, Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard, Hatch Nomad Pliers

-Pyramid Lake Fishing Permit (*You do not need a Nevada Fishing License, only the Tribal Permit is necessary for Pyramid Lake):  Click Here

To learn more about this fantastic fishery or book your Pyramid Lake adventure simply send an email to info@lelandfly.com or give us a call at (415) 781-3474.