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Paronui Ranch

What makes fishing at Poronui Ranch so special is the exclusive and immediate access to so many of New Zealand’s best quality fishing waters and guides. The property has almost 25 miles of private water. The Taharua – a spring creek – meanders down the valley, while the Mohaka River – a tumbling freestone stream – wraps itself around one boundary.  The mountains adjacent to Poronui are vast estates of Maori-owned land. The Lodge is privileged to have access to much of this wonderful wilderness reserve. Without a doubt, the exclusivity and remoteness of these rivers and streams make them some of the most prized fly fishing waters in the world.  Nearly all of the angling is sight fishing and emphasis is on the dry fly. Helicopter fly-outs can be arranged, providing access to some of the most remote and least-fished waters on New Zealand’s North Island.

Poronui Ranch  Accommodation:
The lodge at Poronui Ranch has evolved from what was once only a very basic, remote fishing camp. Today it is one of the world’s finest fishing holiday destinations and host to the most discerning international anglers and visitors.

From the main lodge itself, you can watch the Taharua flow through the valley and have a great view of the evening hatch. A huge log fire, the finest books and company to inspire you, and the comfort of a big chair and glass of New Zealand’s finest wine is a typically relaxing Poronui evening.

The lodge is equipped with a modern drying room and laundry facilities. A well equipped fly tying bench and library of books and journals will fill your mind with possibilities and keep you entertained. There are also excellent storage facilities for rods and all other equipment.

The lodge is famed for its hearty gourmet food and wonderful cellar of fine New Zealand wines. It is here that you will find a roast dinner like no other. You may also discover that a picnic lunch, on the river’s edge, in the middle of nowhere, is the best meal you’ve ever had.

Poronui Ranch Travel:
New Zealand is a long way away but the good news is that jet lag isn’t a big issue. The reason being that it is four hours earlier the next day. Do whatever you can to get some sleep on the plane and continue on with your travels. You will be tired but for the most part your schedule hasn’t changed all that much. Remember, that when you return home, you will typically arrive home on the same day that you left New Zealand. A valid passport is essential.

When coming into the country be forewarned that New Zealand is very concerned with invasive pests and plants entering the country. When you go through customs, you will be asked whether you have any camping gear, wading gear, fly tying materials, food etc. Be sure to clean and dry all wading gear, hiking boots, ground cloths, tent floors and the likes. Do not attempt to bring in any natural fly tying materials; grain or seed based foods, or meats such as jerky or salami. If the inspectors are not pleased with the condition of your personal items, they will take them and fumigate them while you wait. This generally takes about 15-30 minutes.

Courtesy transfers provided from Taupo Airport. Private vehicles not permitted at lodge.

Poronui Ranch Seasons:
November – December: This is considered the early season but it is truly one of our favorite times to fish down under. While water can be high and the weather can be a bit unsettled, the fish are typically far less spooky than later in the year. Pressure is low, as the Kiwis have not yet started their holiday and Western angler traffic is still minimal. Nymphing is the predominant technique, catch rates are high and the wild flowers are at their best.

January – February: This is without question the most popular time to visit New Zealand. The weather is at its best, water levels are typically stable, and the dry fly fishing peaks during these months. Angling pressure also peaks but with the aid of a good guide, you can still enjoy some solitude. These dates are best booked at least a year in advance.

March – April: By mid March expect the crowds to start dwindling and the weather to remains favorable. This is what we refer to as a “shoulder season” or a time when the fishing is still excellent but the crowds are gone. It is also the time when most of the season’s largest fish are taken.

Poronui Ranch 2005-06 Pricing:
$6500 US based double occupancy per person rate.

Accommodations, guiding, all meals and alcoholic beverages; access fees, Taupo transfers

Not Included:
Optional fly-outs by fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, gratuities, and phone calls