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Jurassic Lake, Solid Adventures

Jurassic Lake Rainbow Trout: The Greatest Wild Rainbow Fishing in the World

Jurassic Lake—the River Camp at the bay outlet of the Barancuso River—is the greatest wild rainbow fishery in the world. Solid Adventures guarantees that a visit to Jurassic Lake will change anything you thought you knew about fly fishing for rainbow trout and will leave with memories that to last a lifetime.

Arriving at Jurassic Lake, you will quickly realize just how far removed you are from the real world, as the shear vastness of this secluded country is beyond belief. Jurassic Lake is huge: roughly 20 km by 15km,situated approximately 1000m over sea level, it more like a saltwater body of water with its crystal clear blue water and channels, corals and shelves. Jurassic Lake is nothing short of a biological sensation and contains millions upon millions of freshwater shrimp (krill, scuds). The
monster rainbows grow to huge sizes, eating the protein enriched shrimp year around, and we gather that the vast numbers of rainbows have created an ecosystem unique to Jurassic Lake. The unending food source has pushed these fish to spawn year round, depending on water level, in the only small stream that feeds the lake by way of the Solid River Camp (former Loop camp).

How Big is Big?
These huge fish are much, much more then just abnormally large rainbows,as they are pound for pound one of the strongest fish Loop and Solid Adventures has ever seen. The blood curdling runs and are only interrupted by jumps that often involve leaps far above your head. The average size at Jurassic Lake is around 10 pounds, with the biggest landed so far 120cm long – no joke! We have seen, and lost, even bigger rainbows. Is there any other place like Solid Adventures’ Jurassic River Camp in the world? Don’t think so! We don’t count fish at Jurassic Lake, as it is not important, but let us at least say there are enough fish to keep you busy the full day of fly fishing. For those fly fishers who love a real challenge, there is some great shallow water sight fishing to be had along the shorelines of Jurassic Lake. It’s not uncommon to see pods of giant fish cruising the edges in search of an escape. It’s also fun to take a smaller fly rod up the creek, mainly in November to mid January

Solid Adventures at Jurassic Lake – An Outstanding Location:
The Solid Adventures Camp at Jurassic Lake consists of heated wood cabins and comfortable safari style dome tents, each with wooden floors,three wood beds, mattresses and sleeping bags. There is a dining tent,shower, toilet, and storage tent. A generator provides electricity and,to top it off, the Solid Adventures Jurassic Lake Camp is located only a couple of minutes walk from best fly fishing spots.

Clothing for Jurassic Lake:
Pack light, warm and windproof clothing on your trip to Jurassic Lake.Most of the fishing occurs in the Argentine summer, but at parallel 53 south, the days can be chilly, particularly when the wind blows! Those visiting Solid Adventures at Jurassic Lake in the late season can count on cold mornings and evenings. Windbloc and Windstopper fleece products are very good and when combined with breathable waders and jacket, they offer superior protection that will keep you warm and comfortable all day. Prepare to dress in layers, as the temperature tends to shift at Jurassic Lake. And remember your sunscreen and polarized sunglasses!

Itinerary for Jurassic Lake:
Full week of fly fishing, Saturday – Friday mid day. Arrive Rio Gallegos Saturday afternoon – leave Rio Gallegos next Saturday.