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Bulkley River Lodge

Bulkley River Lodge Fishing:

The Bulkley is a Skeena River tributary and considered one of the best Steelhead rivers in the world. From late August through mid October, the Bulkley is as good a dry fly and greased line fishery as exists. As the season progresses and water temperatures drop, anglers spend more time fishing light type III and IV sink tips. The fishing can remain excellent through the second week in November and later if water conditions permit.Bulkley fish are known for their willingness to move to a fly and range from 4 to 24 pounds, with the average fish typically weighing in around 10 lbs. Jet boats, drift boats and rafts are employed to access water,but all fishing is done while wading. All Bulkley fish are wild and must be released unharmed as quickly as possible.

Bulkley River Lodge Accommodation:
The lodge has four newly remodeled guest cabins located fifty yards from the river. Anglers sleep two to a cabin and share a bathroom and shower. In the morning and evenings the guests gather in the main cabin for meals and cocktails.

Bulkley River Lodge Travel:
Week long packages run from Friday to Friday and start and end in Smithers British Columbia. Anglers have the option to arrive in Smithers on Thursday night and spend the night at the Stork’ Nest Inn (250) 847-3831 (price not included) and be picked up first thing Friday by the lodge staff for a full day of fishing (at no additional cost).If six solid days of fishing are enough for you, many anglers choose to arrive Friday evening. At the end of your stay, you will be taken to the airport on Friday morning to catch a flight for Vancouver that typically departs just after 10:00 a.m.

Note: If you need assistance with airline ticketing to and from Smithers, BC please let us know.

Bulkley River Lodge Climate:
While the weather can be mild, always be prepared for cold when visiting the interior reaches of BC. Rain and snow can occur at almost anytime and typical day temperatures range from 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Food, accommodations, guiding, transfers from Smithers airport to lodge, wine, alcohol, and licenses.

Not Included:
Airfare, gratuities, arrival and departure taxes.