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Leland Company Profile

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters
Company Profile

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters is a designer, procurer and online seller of Fly Fishing equipment and apparel that was founded in San Francisco in 1985 and is named after the grandfather of its owner Josh Leland Frazier, who bought the company in 1999.

With now over 30 years of servicing the fly fishing community we are proud to be offering both Leland and Red Truck Fly Fishing products to you.  It is our goal to continue to offer solutions to make your fly fishing easier and more enjoyable.  Lets face it, the world is complex enough and your fly fishing does’nt need to be.  Along with brands like LOOP, Hatch Outdoors, KAST gear, Nature Boy Designs, and LOON we are continual trying to give you speciality product that is unique and will last a lifetime.

At Leland, we understand and celebrate fly-fishing as a gateway to other truths, about nature, humankind’s connection to it and our intended role as stewards, lest what has been created be lost for evermore.  Rivers need friends, we say, and fly-fishing creates these friends.

LelandFly.com exists to foster that ethic.  Where the big box and chain retailers push every product under the sun and the objective is just sales, our approach is guidance and instruction.  We understand that fly-fishing is a sport best promoted through mentoring.

To that end, we procure and sell elite, expertly crafted fly-fishing gear that isn’t complicated and that we actually use.  And we put just as much energy and effort into creating encouraging opportunities to learn—through in person instruction and online instructional articles and videos intended to demystify the sport, build confidence and create anglers.

We are the modern version of the old fly-fishing specialty shops that once existed to share knowledge of fly-fishing and passion for the environment.  At Leland, our vision is this: hook an angler, who will one day share the sport with a daughter or son, creating new generations of angler-environmentalists, one person at a time.