Equipment Lists

Fly fishing gear list One thing is for sure, arriving unprepared for a fly fishing trip of a lifetime will sure sour your experience. We want you have the best time possible, so we’ve compiled a gear list for some of the best places to fish on the planet. Give them a look and click on the product links to make sure you’ve got the right stuff.

When you get to the boat the Captain asks, "what do we fish for first: bonefish, tarpon, or permit?" It's a tough decision and we'll make sure you have the right gear to answer the question anyway y

Think of a sore arm because you caught to many fish, Yikes! Now think of being wined and dined at 5 star lodge in the outback of British Colombia (ahhhh), that's Moose Lake Lodge on the Upper Dean Riv

You see the take, set the hook, and hang-on praying that when and if you land the fish it doesn't try to eat YOU. Trout aren't suppose to get this big in the US. There are not many places to fish wher

The huge canyon walls envelop you almost immediately, blasting through Class 2 whitewater on your way to some of the biggest rainbows you'll ever encounter, that is fishing the Deschutes River. Whethe

Salmon fly, October caddis, and tiny mayflies are just a few of the amazing things that keep us going back! Of coarse there is always the high sticking in during the non-hatch times. Not mention the b

From early morning caddis to mid-day mayflies to late afternoon stonefly hatches, the Smith River provides you some of the most beautiful and challenging dry fly fishing in Montana. As you drift along

There is one rising, paddle over there, no wait that one over looks even bigger, paddle over there, no wait, finally you convince yourself to cast and a 5 pound brookie takes your #6 yellow stimulator

Early morning caddis followed by a nice PMD hatch followed by a mess of hoppers! This is a typical day when fishing the Chilean Mountains. Add lake fishing, for monster browns and rainbows, to these p

Dry fly fishing for 20 lbs brown trout, yahoo! Okay sometimes, the wind is blowing so hard you have to fish deep. Okay sometimes the wind is blowing soooo hard you can only spey cast or learn to roll

Okay you've sent 2 days catching the dinks, 26 inch rainbows, when your time for the fly out comes up. You haven't walked but a few 100 yards and the guide says "there is a 10 pounder sipping on the s

Thirty pound kings one day then 20 rainbows on dry flies the next or silvers one day then grayling the next! Where is that location, I am going! That is what Alaska is all about. There are very few pl

Twenty pound steelhead one day then 50 rainbows on dry flies the next? Where is that location, I am going! That's the joy of the Dean River and Moose Lake combination trip. There is nothing that can c