Choosing Fly Gear

Let’s be honest, we at Leland sell nothing you “need.” We sell “wants!” You don’t need to go fly fishing, you want to go fly fishing. You don’t need a new fly rod, you want one. In this spirit, we’ve added some insight below that you might find helpful when determining how to spend your hard-earned money on new fly fishing gear. We want you to get exactly the right solution for your specific fishing needs, the first time. With the right fly fishing gear in hand, wants will turn into needs and soon…you’ll need to go fly fishing!

Understanding Spey Fly Fishing Lines Until recently, two-handed rods were used almost exclusively in the pursuit of steelhead and salmon on the rivers of the British Isles, Scandinavia, and Canada. I

The Evolution of the Modern Fly Fishing Rod From Macedonia to Montana, how did we wind up with today's technology? Of all the thoughts that drift by when you're on the water, the history of the rod

The Important Role Of Fly Lines If you think about it, the art of fly casting is actually misnamed. We are not, in fact, casting the fly, we are casting the fly line. The mass of the fly line is re

Fly Reel Ages ago, when the Macedonians began to fool local trout and grayling with artificial flies, there were no fly reels. These anglers would hold gathered silken fly line in a bunched and

Choosing a fly rod for trout Which length and weight of trout fly rod is best for you and your fishing needs? Choose a fly rod: Selecting a trout fly rod is not as complex as it may seem. What fol

What makes the best fly rod? The fly rod is the defining element in any tackle ensemble as it is responsible for propelling the weighted fly line and relatively weightless fly out into the rive

Leland Fly Rod Company

Leland has long believed, that crisp, efficient casting of a fly line is the defining attribute of our sport. We built rods embody this belief.

The latest development in the long tradition of fly rod innovation originating in the Bay Area, the Leland Rod Company is the work of only Fly Fishing Federation (FFF) Master Certified Casting Instructors.

This team of instructors set out to locate and collaborate with the world’s premier fly rod manufacturer. With decades of experience in education and retail, we found ourselves seeking a set of fly rods that was purpose-built and strictly essential.

We wanted a collection totally without redundancy, a gapless set of impeccable fly rods that an angler could use to fish the globe.

What is what is unique about the Leland Rod Company approach is the coupling of rod design with casting instruction.

Leland Rod Co. fly rods are different. They perform well in anyone’s hands, but they very concretely reward good casting with positive reinforcement. Is it not time that you Master your Cast?

Red Truck Fly Rods

The team behind all Red Truck fly fishing products is an interesting collection to say the least. Most have worked as professional fly fishing guides, most are master casting instructors, skilled fly tiers and experienced fly industry people. A few core values bond us together. We love to fly fish with good friends and good dogs. We like long road trips in trusty trucks that lead us to new water and experiences. We like to share fishing stories around a campfire, sip some cold beers and whisky and sleep under the stars.

We build fly fishing gear for a lifetime of adventures.  Fly fishing is the vehicle that will take you to the most beautiful places in the world.  Like a beloved old pickup, we want you to not only be reminded of past adventures when you look at your Red Truck rod, but dream of your next trip.  Red Truck fly rods are the culmination of a group of guys hard set on building their favorite fly rods. This was no easy task considering the group of guys. 3 years later and MANY days testing (this is the fun part) we released the Red Truck Diesel Series of rods.

Where will your Red Truck take you?