The Leland Upgrade Program

Don’t keep your closet filled with unused fly fishing gear. Trade it in for gear you’ll actually use with Leland Upgrade.

In 1999, the Leland Upgrade service was born. It was initially created for Leland employees, allowing our staff to acquire better fishing gear by leveraging the fly fishing equipment they already owned. The concept was simple, offer the unwanted fly fishing gear at auction on Ebay and use the resulting funds to purchase better fly fishing equipment.

This approach worked so well internally, that we decided to offer this same service to our better customers.  As we refined our approach and workflow, we finally found ourselves ready to offer our Leland Upgrade service to all our customers and the rest, as they say, is history. Leland Upgrade is now, and always has been, the original trade in program.

We’ve outlined the process below for how to get started along with some other details to keep in mind.

1.)  Decide what needs to go.  Go through the garage, closets, or anywhere else you tend to store your gear.

2.)  Take a look.  Spend some time on our site ( and see what new gear you may be interested in.  We carry some exceptional brands like Ross, Abel, Hatch and Red Truck Fly Fishing Co. to name a few.

3.)  Contact us.   Give us a call directly at (415) 781-3474 or send us an email to and we’ll be happy to talk details with you and get you a Upgrade Form out to you.

Below are some specifics when considering what you may be interested in upgrading.   

Fly Rods should have an original value of at least $150 and Fly Reels/Spool should be $100.  Any luggage, gear bags, vest or packs should be in “like new” condition.  We do not sell float tubes, waders, or fly lines as there is too much liability involved.

After your Leland Upgrade Credit is issued (after fees are taken out) you have 1 year from the issue date to spend your credit.  Items and store credit cannot be redeemed for cash.

To view our current auctions on eBay click here.