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Choosing the right fly line

The Important Role Of Fly Lines

If you think about it, the art of fly casting is actually misnamed. We are not, in fact, casting the fly, we are casting the fly line. The mass of the fly line is replacing the weight of the lure used in conventional fishing and is necessary to deliver the almost-weightless flies we use when fly fishing. Therefore, fly casting should actually be named, “Fly Line Casting.”

With this truth in mind, it’s worthy of revisiting the important role of the fly line. Regardless of your fly rod’s performance level, a smooth-casting, quality fly line will elevate your overall casting experience. Your fly line is in use all day when fishing. Your line is not only the delivery vehicle for your leader and fly, it’s also the contact point between you and the fish. Furthermore, the correct fly line will catch you more fish. With specialized tapers and sink rates, an avid angler can select from an offering of fly lines that not only deliver a specific fly or rig with ease, but also present your offering in a subtle manner, at the perfect feeding level.

If you’ve been using an older, outdated fly line, or just casually purchasing fly lines that offer fish-catching function, we, at Leland, recommend that you elevate your cast with the perfect fly line for your specific fishing needs. You’ll not only enjoy every cast, you’ll catch more fish, too.

At Leland, we’ve spent decades perfecting the science of pairing fly lines with fly rods. We do the work, you feel the difference. If you have questions about fly lines, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get you the perfect fly line for your fishing needs, ensuring that every cast (and every fish) is memorable.

You wouldn’t buy a new car and then request the dealer to install your tires, or put dry tires on your new ride, would you? So why would you buy a new fly rod and keep using your cracked, outdated fly line? If you agree with us at Leland, that casting is the key attribute to our chosen sport of fly fishing, then do yourself a favor and get a new fly line. Just like new tires on a sports car give you a better driving experience, a quality fly line can elevate your casting enjoyment.

Today’s fly lines come in many specific tapers, finishes, densities and grains. Choosing the perfect fly line for your rod and specific fishing needs can be confusing. That’s why we at Leland took the time to save you time. Our “Gear Guides” did the math for you, recommending the perfect line pairing for your new fly rod. Start enjoying every cast with a well-balanced outfit. When good casting skills meet an efficient, well-designed fly rod and the correct fly line, great things happen.