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The World-Famous Leland Fly Fishing Hat and why you need one


What? More than just a ball cap, the world-famous Leland fly fishing hat is a statement to others that you love to fly fish, know style when you see it, and possibly drank a Pabst Blue Ribbon or two in your past. OK, it’s true this hat is pretty much like any other good ball cap. It has a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes, some mesh on the back to keep your head cool and it’s fully adjustable, but that’s where the similarities end. Worn correctly (on fishing trips and at fun gatherings) this hat becomes a sponge. It magically soaks in solid memories of earned fish, good laughs on road trips and of course the one that got away.

Why? Sure, it looks just fine on day one…all clean and nice, but with an earned salt stain or two it grows in character. Stick a fly in it. Go ahead, you won’t hurt it. In fact, the world-famous Leland fly fishing hat loves it. Yes, it will fade over the seasons from sun damage and a dunking or two, but like your favorite, worn pair of jeans, it just keeps getting better. I know…it’s crazy, right? And, depending on your hair or lack thereof, or your head size (from cantaloupe to watermelon), you can easily adjust the back side of this incredible fly fishing hat with its ingenious snappy-tab system. Call us if you need assistance!

How? As for personal style, feel free to fit the cap’s bill to your liking. Some prefer to wear this superior fly fishing hat straight out of the box and that’s just fine with us, but one can also opt for more advanced bill styles, like the Kentucky Roll, the Florida Felony, the Texas Twister or even the Gangsta Side Twist. The cool thing is it’s all up to you and there’s no extra fee for this unique personalization. Not sure which approach is right for your lifestyle and fashion statement, just get several of our world-famous Leland fishing hats and fashion each bill to your liking. Don’t worry as we can always make more…and by make, we mean order more from China.


Who? Who wears this awesome angling lid? Well besides eventually you, you’ll be happy to know that famous athletes (that we’re not allowed to name) wear them. Smoking hot housewives of Marin, CA (not a real TV show) wear them. Salty-old anglers wear them and at least one businessman that came into our fly fishing barn bought one…but we’re not sure if it was a gift for his hot wife or not. So if you are a professional business man, you might be alone if you do decide to buy and wear this hat, and that’s cool with us. But, if you’re uncomfortable being the only businessman with this hat, just give it to your hot wife. Problem solved.

When and Where? When and where to wear your new Leland fly fishing hat can be a daunting decision, so here are some thoughtful recommendations. When you get up in the morning, even on a work day, wearing our world-famous fly fishing hat will start your day off right and put some pep in your step. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be heading on a road trip with your best buddies, it might actually be illegal not to wear our hat, so keep that in mind before you head out. Maybe you are retiring or quitting (getting fired) from your job. We very much recommend you wear this lucky fly fishing hat to work on your last day. This action will let others know your true priority in life. This is a grand statement when you are retiring and if you’re getting fired…solid validation as to why you’re getting fired. Either way, we support it. We do draw the line at wearing our amazing angling hat during weddings and funerals, but this does not included the drive there and back.

The simple fact is, this hat does have a bit of magic in it. Wearing it, you might earn another fish or two, you might meet your future wife, or your neighbor’s ex-wife. You might win the lottery or you just might find a crinkled twenty in your pocket. One thing is for sure if you found two crinkled twenties in you pocket you could buy your buddy a world-famous Leland fly fishing hat and pass on the love and still have enough left over for a Pabst Blue Ribbon or two, and as far as we’re concerned, that’s a pretty good day and added proof that this is one hell of a hat.

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