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Val Atkinson’s Fly Fishing Photography Secret

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A Photography Secret from Val Atkinson…

Wold-famous fly fishing photographer, Val Atkinson knows a thing or two about crafting a memorable fly fishing photo. His beautiful imagery has graced countless magazine covers over his many years. Val’s ability to capture the moment with light, action and inspiration results in compelling images that allow the viewer to imagine him or herself in the photo and simply want to be there.

Leland has had the pleasure of collaborating with Val stream side. He works tirelessly, viewing the world through lens and light…always hunting for the perfect shot. Constantly adjusting his camera and angles, while chasing just the right lighting, Val finishes his day with a tired grin, and a knowing nod that he captured the right photo among his thousands of frames.

Although Val won’t divulge all his visual secrets, one we can share with you is Val’s proven saying, “If you can’t make it right…make it red.” Val loves a highlighting splash of red color among the reserved tones in nature. But not just any red will do. Val has a special color in mind and we’ve worked with him to create a fly fishing hat that looks great in any photo. It’s the Leland Logo Hat in “Val’s Red.”

Here’s to the man, Val Atkinson. Not only is he a great person to spend time with, his images consistently capture the essence of our sport. So get yourself a Leland hat in Val’s favorite color and start creating compelling fly fishing images of your own.

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Leland will even do you one better…

When you buy a Leland Logo Hat in Val’s Red, we’ll also toss in a dozen trout flies…just ’cause. What are the names and sizes of the flies? Hmmm, don’t worry about that. Just know they’re top quality trout flies. We just cleaned up our fly offering at the ranch and have a bunch of cool trout flies that don’t currently have a home. They could be yours along with our super cool Leland Logo Hat.

So grab yourself a new fly fishing hat that will make your fishing photos that much better (just ask Val) and get yourself some great trout flies along with your purchase. You really can’t go wrong. So get to it!

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