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Upgrade your Sage fly rod toward a Limited Edition New Zealand Trout Outfit

NZ Brown Outfit

Trade in your old Sage fly rod toward our Limited Edition Leland Rod Co. New Zealand Trout Outfit!

For a limited time, you can purchase our Special Edition Leland Rod Co. Outfit for less than retail if you’re lucky enough to own (and are willing to trade in) one of the following Sage fly rods for an incredible trade in value:

Sage One 590-4 Trade In Value: $600.00
Sage Z-Axis 590-4 Trade In Value: $500.00
Sage XP 590-4 Trade In Value: $400.00

Leland Rod Co.’s Special Edition New Zealand Trout Outfit is simply the best-casting, best-balanced and most-efficient five weight outfit ever assembled. It’s also drop-dead sexy and we believe you deserve to fish with the best.

We’re so confident that our work at Leland Rod Co. is better than Sage’s, we’re ready to put our money where our mouths are with a special offer for some Sage owners. We’ll pay you well-above market price to trade in your old Sage five weight fly rod toward the best all-around trout outfit you’ve ever cast.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a new five weight Sage fly rod, but are confused about the differences between the Method, Bolt, Mod or Circa series (you’re not alone) and certainly not ready to part with up to $850 of your hard-earned dollars, just for a fly rod.

Well, we’re here to help guide you to a all-purpose trout solution in the form of a balanced and efficient fly fishing outfit that will last you a lifetime. No confusing acronyms or over-promised performance…just a fly fishing outfit worthy of existence and something your grandfather would approve of.


At Leland Rod Company, we hate choices…we love solutions! We only make one nine foot, five weight fly rod. It’s our best work. It’s balanced and efficient to cast. It delivers dry flies, nymphs and smaller streamers with ease. It’s appointed with only the finest components and won’t be replaced next year with some newer, lighter five weight, because we don’t need to. This trout rod will last you a lifetime.

But you’re not just upgrading to the best, all-around trout fly rod. We’ve completed the project with exactly the right fly line and fly reel. The result is a whole that’s far greater than the sum of its parts. Assembled, our fly rod, fly reel and fly line make every cast controlled, accurate, efficient and most importantly…enjoyable!

It’s simple to take advantage of our offer, and you can’t lose a penny. Test cast our Leland outfit against your favorite Sage fly rod. If you don’t think it’s better than your old Sage, send it back in new condition (using the included return shipping label) for a full refund.

Just click the button below to learn more about our Leland Rod Co. New Zealand Trout Outfit specifics. If you want one…and if you’re lucky enough to own one of the three listed Sage rods…do the following:

– Add the item to the cart and proceed to checkout.
– In the notes field, include your Sage rod model.
– In the notes field, provide reel retrieve preference.

*Trust us, you won’t be charged full retail price. 

We’ll then adjust the sale price accordingly, professionally rig your new outfit and ship the next business day. We’ll even include a return shipping label and box so you can send back either your old Sage or our Leland outfit. You just can’t lose!

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