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What is a Trout Fly Reel


The Leland Classic Trout fly reel is our answer for those who want a true trout fly reel, just like the fly reels our grandfathers used. Before we began the design process, we went back into the history books to dig up worthy trout fly reels from the past…the fly reels our grandfathers fished. We noticed how simple fly reels once were. We were impressed with their honest design, timeless cosmetics and long-lasting function. Through this exercise of discovery, we knew it was time to offer a trout fly fishing reel that paid homage to the great reels of the past, yet employed contemporary materials and superior manufacturing.

Knowing the current fly fishing market well, we first started with the dimensions. You see, early trout fly reels were actually quite small by today’s standards. A yesteryear fly reel that worked well on worthy bamboo trout fly rod, would be far to small to responsibly hold the longer, thicker fly lines of today. We therefor increased the diameter of our Classic Trout fly reel. Not only does this give an angler more capacity to hold the fly line and ample backing, it also increases the line retrieve rate, making fly fishing easier. We also narrowed the spool of the reel, allowing for organized stacking of the fly line…no back and forth winding.

Of course we chose a proven “click and pawl” drag system, just like the old reels, but ours is better and easily adjustable for right or left hand wind. We added a drag adjustment knob on the frame of the reel, which provides you with the ability to dial in just the right amount of resistance to protect fine tippet, yet still keep the reel from over-running when a big trout heads down stream. Want added resistance? Just lightly palm the exposed “palming rim” on our reel and you’re good to go.


Of course our Leland Classic Trout fly reel employs the best materials and finishes. Our fully-machined reel is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, then anodized with a teflon finish for a long life of hard use. We chose solid brass appointments, like our reel foot and counter balance weight because brass lasts and only gets better with time. Yes, the brass will change color with use, but it turns into a beautiful patina…proving your fly reel has been well-used in the field.

After all the functional requirements were met, the fun began. We wanted our Classic Trout reel to look like you found it in your granddaddy’s sock drawer. Our machined porting is unique and speaks to the best trout fly reels from our past. It’s matte finish looks like an old fly reel should…timeless. And of course, our beautiful trout fly reel comes in a padded leather reel pouch with brass zipper so you can responsibly store your favorite fly reel after each use.

Best of all, our Leland Classic Trout fly reel will announce to the world when your fish heads down stream. Nothing beats the wonderful sound of a “click and pawl” fly reel whirling at speed. It’s the same magical music your granddaddy heard when he hooked up. It’s time to get back to the basics, to listen to our past, to enjoy fly fishing like our fathers and grandfathers did…simply.

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