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Thomas & Thomas Bamboo Rods

If you’ve never casted or held a bamboo rod in your hand you’re missing out.  

Bamboo takes us back, back to a time when things were just a bit slower.  Where split cane fly rods were carefully and artfully handcrafted to deliver flies delicately to rising trout.  Throughout the pages of time, bamboo fly rods have been an important part of our sport.  These were, and still are to this day works of art and magical in the hands of  anglers.

From the freestone streams of Michigan to the spring creeks of Pennsylvania Tom Dorsey’s passion for chasing trout on a fly rod grew.  In 1969 Tom was building bamboo rods in Chambersburg, PA  when, along with his brother-in-law Thomas Maxwell, they decided to create a fly rod company and Thomas & Thomas was born.

TOM-DORSEY-PICWith the heart of an artist but the mind of an engineer, Tom was one of the first to embrace the use of graphite in fly rod construction in the 1970’s. He was also an early adopter of two-handed casting, which led to some of the first graphite spey rods on the American market. Today, Tom continues to advance the frontiers of fly rod technology and design with the same passion and insight that first put Thomas & Thomas on the map.

Today, Thomas & Thomas produces two bamboo rod series, the Classic Series and the Individualist.  

The Classic Series Bamboo rods are built around finely tuned tapers resulting in extremely smooth, medium actions. The impregnated finish creates a rod that is incredibly durable while still pleasing on the eye. These rods are built to be fished and find favor among anglers that seek the joys of bamboo but have no intention of giving their fly rods the ‘white glove’ treatment.

The Individualist Series Bamboo Fly Rods are designed with a complex taper that turns from a delicate tip top to the distinctive T&T swelled butt. All rods come with an extra tip, and matched tips cut from the same culm are available for an additional charge. Built from the finest individually selected Tonkin cane, the flamed bamboo is complemented by translucent and cinnamon edging guide wraps, along with medium brown ferrule wraps.


If you have been thinking about bamboo, are looking for more information, or are interested about learning how you can get your hands on a Thomas & Thomas bamboo rod, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Send an email to info@lelandfly.com or give us a call at (415) 781-3474.