The Pole Dancer

The Pole Dancer

Designed and created by Charlie Bisharat, the Pole Dancer is a unique fly that mimics the “walk the dog” action of conventional topwater lures like the famous Zara Spook.

Being a West Coaster, Charlie has spent much of his time on the California Delta.  Originally fished for Large Mouth Bass and Stripers, this fly has been proven to take all sorts of fish species on top, including Pike, Musky, Dorado, and Tuna.

The Pole Dancer fly achieves it’s unique side to side action in large part thanks to its conical molded foam head.  Water pressure builds on one side of the fly when retrieved with sharp stripping motions and causes the fly to veer from left to right and back again.

The Pole Dancer comes in 3 different sizes and 4 different colors.  Sizes include 2, 1/0, and 5/0.  We recommend the size 2 for rod sizes 5 – 8 weight while the 1/0 is suited for 7 – 10 weights and the 5/0 works great on a 9 weight and larger.

Colors include Black, Fire Tiger, Rainbow Trout, and Brown/White.  The rainbow color is one of our favorites for chasing big largemouth where trout are present.

These flies tend to move fast and are limited to quantities on hand.  If your looking to bring some big fish to the surface this spring, click on the link below to view our current selection and availability.

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