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Sun protection while on the water!

Stay sun-safe this season.

As anglers we are particularly susceptible to sun damage.  We spend countless hours outside and are exposed to the sun’s rays from above as well as below.  A huge critical factor is the reflection of the sun’s rays off the water.  This is particularly  damaging to places we don’t even think about like under our chin and behind our knees.  Without getting scientific or giving a medical lecture regarding skin cancer we are simply going to talk about ways you can protect yourself.  Remember, taking the right steps in protecting yourself before your fishing day begins will keep you healthy and prevent any issues in the long run.

To start, first use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF rating of 15, but look for the highest rating available for ultimate protection.  Even if the sunscreen says it is water resistant it’s recommended that you reapply every couple of hours and don’t be stingy on the amount used.

Next, the clothing you wear is critical to “sun-safe” behavior.   A simple cotton t-shirt only has a SPF rating of about 5.  To maximize protection we recommend a long sleeve technical shirt with a SPF rating of 50+.  The Marauder Tech Top by Kast Gear makes the ideal shirt for sun protection from the flats of the Yucatan to the banks of the Green River.


It’s often tempting to wear shorts for comfort while on the water, but remember long pants will give you the ultimate protection from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure.  Kast Gear has you covered in this department as well offering a UPF 50+ pant, the Revolver Guide Pant.

Finally, don’t neglect your face and the top of your head.  A wide brim hat will keep you cool and most importantly shaded from the sun’s rays.  A pair of high quality sunglasses are essential for providing adequate UVA and UVB protection while preventing eye strain and possible damage to your eyes while on the water.  To top it off, a sun style gaiter that provides coverage and that can be worn multiple ways will give you additional protection and keep you comfortable as well.

We’ve put together some of our favorite “sun-safe” pieces below to offer you total protection this season, and for seasons to come.