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Scott X2S Fly Rod Review

Leland on Scott X2s Fly Fishing Rods

Designing a fly rod series that meets every anglers casting stroke is near to impossible, even for a company that has been designing fly rods for more than 30 years like the folks at Scott Fly Rods. However, Jim Bartschi and his group of designers and expert field testers have come up with what we think is an excellent fly rod series that comes as close to perfect as any one team can get; the new Scott X2S. These powerful saltwater and big game freshwater fly rods provide an easy casting style, the line speed to battle near hurricane force winds and the muscle to control big fish, heavy sinking lines and big flies. Although thought of as a fast action fly rod series, the X2S fly rods have a special design that allows the rods within this series to load easily for casting in-close, while also supplying high line speeds needed for wind and distance.. Remember,more fish are hooked within 50 feet of the boat than at 70., but sometimes you just got to go that extra yard!

When fly fishing for big fish, be they saltwater or freshwater, you need a fly rod that has strength throughout the entire length of the rod. With a unidirectional graphite layup, the X2S is a rod that distributes constant pressure from the tip to the butt. In addition, Scott has treated the blanks with a UV coating that helps preserve the strength of the outer power fibers, giving you an extremely durable fly rod. This specialized ultra-lightweight layup generates high line speeds to take on the big winds found on open flats, big lakes and rivers. The Scott X2S fly rods are light in the hand and have light tips for a low swing weight. They’re easy on the arm, and load quickly.
So, as you as see, the X2S Fly Rod Series provides everything you need for a fun-filled day on the water.

Scott Fly Rod has always delivered a good looking fly rod and the X2s series is no exception. These Ocean Blue colored fly rods look as outstanding as they are to cast. The components are second to none, and are designed to withstand the power and torque associated with big game fly fishing. From the durable anodized aluminum reel seat to the stainless coated tip-top, the X2s fly rods provide strength and line speed, all with a delicate touch. This big game fly rod series ranges from 6- through 12-weight at 9 feet in length, with a special 8’4” 15 weight bluewater fly rod. All Scott X2S rods are available in 4 pieces, with the exception of the special 2 piece, 12-weight. Reach deep and apply all the power you want! The only ones that will be worrying are the FISH!

• Fast action fly rods

• Lightweight but sturdy components

• Quick loading for short casts

• Easy casting with high line speed

• Six- to 15-weight fly rods with lengths from 8’4” to 9’0”

• 4-piece fly rods with special 2-piece 12 weight

PROS – Although classified as a fast action fly rod, these great saltwater tough beast tamers have a soft loading tip that loads with minimal amount of fly line out of the tip. The X2s has plenty of power throughout the rod giving you line speed and fishing fighting strength. I like the sleeve ferrule system which “in my mind” gives me confidence to lay on the mustard when I need. Of course the 4 piece make traveling nice.

CONS – Learning how to saltwater fly fish with a virtual telephone pole I do like an extremely fast fly rod. I feel the tip is just a bit too slow, but that is why I have my old STS…Other than the tip, it is hard to find something to dislike about the X2s. As with all top end fly rods plunking down $650 coin is hard, but X2s series fly rods are darn well worth it.

BOTTOM LINE – When hard charging big game fish are your prey the Scott X2s is a fine instrument to have in your hand. They are easy to load and powerful while generating high line speeds. They were designed big fish tough and follow through with that design. Oh, and they look pretty good doing it!

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