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Scott Radian Fly Rod Review


Scott Radian Series – Shop Now

Sections: 4
Reel Seat: Custom reel seats
Spacer: Burled box elder spacers
Guides: Titanium framed SiC stripping guides
Handle: Top-grade Portuguese Cork
Action: Adaptive, Fast
Rod Tube: Aluminum

Leland’s Select Models:

DRY FLY: 8ft 6in 4-weight
ALL PURPOSE TROUT: 9ft 5-weight
NYMPH: 10ft 5-weight
STREAMER: 9ft 6-weight
BONEFISH (BASS): 9ft 8-weight
STEELHEAD NYMPH: 10ft 7-weight

June 20, 2014 (Sonoma, CA): Scott has built its brand around uncompromising quality and authenticity. Every handcrafted fly rod comes straight from the heart of Colorado trout country and is a testament to the finest gear that fly fishing has to offer. With their Radian Series, Scott has once again outdone themselves and proven that obsession is at the heart of innovation.

Back to Basics:Since its release, Scott’s Radian Series has received accolades across the board. It’s slogan, “Where Fast Meets Feel,” is at the heart of this praise. Since the introduction of fast action fly rods, anglers have enjoyed higher line speed and efficiency, but at the expense of the nuanced feel of slower, more traditional rods. The Radian Series succeeds on both fronts: it’s fun as hell to fish, with plenty of subtle touch, and it’s as powerful and accurate as anything on the market. The best of both worlds, sure, but it stands in a class all its own.

The Rod: The proprietary blank technology is behind this breakthrough, but really it comes down to performance. The ReAct technology is billed as increasing recovery speed by “minimizing energy-sapping vibrations,” and in hand it feels wildly versatile. But until you’ve cast this rod, you can’t appreciate how fun it can be, and you’re better off skipping the hype and hitting the river.

Sierra Nevada Reel & Fly Line: And as for the components? Top-notch from tip to butt, featuring premium materials assembled by true professionals. Titanium framed stripping guides, top-grade Portuguese cork, custom reel seats with burled box elder spacers, and patented snake guides.

The Rundown: Overall, Scott’s Radian Series is a new level of performance with the same 40 year old promise of the “Scott Difference.” The guarantee that every one of their fly rods is meticulously crafted and tested by people who love to fish, and backed by a company that produces the best fly rods in the world.

Pro Review – Leland’s Casey Rolig

We’ve all heard of Konnetic technology by now or how about Proprioception from Simms in their new wading boots? Well Scott Fly Rods is guilty of these words and phrases that make one scratch their head in wonder… X-Core, ReAct and ARC are a few technologies put into today’s Scott fly rods. Then there are slogan’s. Every brand has a few. Some are true and some borderline false advertising. However, Scott has nailed their current slogan right on the head with the new Radian series… “Putting the FEEL in FAST”. With these rods you actually get a versatile fly rod to cast a wide range of flies sizes, in varying wind conditions all while getting the sensitivity we as fly fisherman expect. Not only while casting will you feel the weight of the line load the rod without bogging it down but you’ll have a better sense of strikes and tippet protection.

What’s my new favorite rod? The 10′ 5-weight Radian. Instead of nymph fishing with indicators aka bobbers I’m doing much more high stick nymphing. This is where you keep a tight line to the flies so you feel ever little tic of the bottom or fish’s mouth which eliminates heavy bobbers and make fishing subsurface much more enjoyable. Plus the extra 12 inches eliminates the need to hold the rod over your head all day and makes roll casting a breeze.

To round out my review we’ll discuss the other lengths and weights we choose to carry. The following are the most popular fishing styles matched with the correct length and weight rod. 8′ 6″ 4-weight DRY FLY, 9′ 5-weight ALL PURPOSE TROUT, 10′ 5-weight NYMPH, 9′ 6-weight w/ Fighting Butt STREAMER, 9′ 8-weight BONEFISH (bass too) and 10′ 7-weight STEELHEAD NYMPH.