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Scott Howell’s Skagit Master

Scott Howell’s Skagit Master II Arrives


Height: 6’4″

Weight: 240lbs

Years fishing: 35+

Featured Locations: Oregon, British Columbia

Topics Covered: Tying, Casting, Mending, Dredging, Ska-Opping, Getting Outside the Box

Length: 110 minutes

January 7, 2011 (San Francisco, CA): As a proud sponsor, Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters is happy to finally announce the availability of Skagit Master 2, Steelheading Outside the Box, featuring Scott Howell.

Delivering the Goods: Filmed in British Columbia and Oregon, Skagit Master 2 is the most insightful technique-focused steelhead film in over twenty years. There are no indicators or dead drifted nymphs in this film, only steelheading on the swing. Whether it’s dredging the depths with a custom-styled Intruder or popping a foam-lipped Ska-opper over a rock garden run, Scott Howell gives you all the information necessary to increase your odds of crossing paths with a steelhead on a two-handed fly rod.

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Film Overview

A compilation of a lifetime’s worth of steelhead fishing experience from one of the world’s greatest steelhead guides, Skagit Master 2 is a must-see for anyone interested in steelheading. From Skagit-style spey casting, to finding and fishing the right water, to tying Scott’s innovative flies, this groundbreaking DVD contains many decades worth of hard-earned, on-the-water information available nowhere else.

Scott Howell is not a guy who just likes to go out there, listen to the water and call it a day. He meticulously dissects each piece of water he fishes. His approach to gear selection is practical, thoughtful, and straight-forward. This man is a serious steelhead catching machine and Skagit Master 2 is the best look you will ever get into his world. Sponsored by Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters, Skagit Master 2 features several scenes shot by Leland’s video department.

For the beginner just venturing into the rewarding world of steelhead fly fishing, or the expert seeking to reach the next level of “fishiness”, this is the best instructional video on fishing for steelhead with swung fly presentations.

Pro Review – Ben Paull

What’s the word. . .

Skagit Master 2, featuring Scott Howell, is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Skagit Master 1, featuring Ed Ward. Focused on specialized swinging techniques that Scott has developed and perfected over the years to effectively fish the good holding pockets, troughs, buckets, and slots commonly passed up by anglers racing to the next classic run, Skagit Master 2 truly lives up to its title, “Steelheading Outside the Box.” Scott Howell is a living legend, not only as a steelhead fisherman and guide, but for his relentless drive for innovation in a sport that was, for quite a while, confined to the use of long belly lines on classic runs. In Skagit Master 2, Scott showcases his latest round of advancements and proves that rules truly are meant to be broken.

Features. . .

Almost every one of this film’s 110 minutes is packed with insightful, practical, on-the-water instruction from the man himself in real fishing situations. Covering cutting-edge techniques, Skagit Master 2 is all swinging all the time – no nymphs or bobbers here! While the film is mainly focused on demonstrating techniques, there are also enough hookups, topwater takes, and other fish porn sprinkled throughout to keep viewers engaged.

From popping and chugging a Ska-opper across a choppy run on the North Umpqua, to swinging a worm-weighted Prom Dress through deep honey buckets in Oregon and British Columbia, this film shows you how to change up your swinging techniques to effectively fish the places you might have left for the nymph and gear guys. Also much appreciated are the high-speed tying segments revealing how Scott whips up some of the custom flies he’s developed to match his innovative fishing techniques.

Overall Rating. . .

PROS – Chocked full of innovative techniques that will enlighten and inspire anyone in the pursuit of chrome, plus 100% on-the-water instruction (no lawn casting here), with great production and sound quality.

CONS – Since some of the techniques Scott showcases are river or region-specific, some steelheaders from other areas may disregard them and miss the greater lesson of the film. That, and the DVD does not come with a custom drill vise!

BOTTOM LINE – Skagit Master 2 will undoubtedly change your approach to steelheading. Whether you fish the rivers that Scott does or not, if you like fishing a swung fly to steelhead, this film will not only add a whole new set of tactics to your arsenal, it will push you to always try thinking outside the box the next time you are at the vise, or on the water.

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