Rock Treads

What are Rock Treads?

Only the most cost effective, grip producing alternative to felt and rubber bottom boots available, aluminum is softer than rock!  Check out the video below and see what a difference Rock Treads will make in your wading!

Simply put, Rock Treads are the best thing you can add to any boot, no matter the brand, for the best traction on the market today. Pick your kit based on your boot style, a simple install will assure a lifelong hold of your Rock Treads Aluminum Discs. Gone are your days of slipping and sliding. Works great on older boots with good uppers, but bad bottoms.  A long time customer brought Rock Treads to our attention and here’ what he had to say.

“After 60+ years of slipping and sliding, I found these things through a ad in one the fly fishing magazines.  They are a smaller company that makes a really great product and from my personal experience, are better than anything I have yet to use.  These things keep you nailed to the bottom.  Snotty rocks, weeds, mud, stuff….no problem.” 

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