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Rivers of a Lost Coast & I Know Bill Schaadt


Rivers of a Lost Coast: Purchase Here

“At the turn of the 20th Century, a handful of pioneers carried their fly rods into California’s remote north coast and gave birth to a culture that would revolutionize their sport. For a select few – lead by Bill Schaadt – steelhead fly fishing became an obsessive pursuit without compromise.”

I Know Bill Schaadt – Portrait of a Fly Fishing Legend: Purchase Here

The story of the steelheading icon as told through the eyes of friends. This hardcover edition boasts 208 pages of spectacular photography and storytelling, providing context for one of the sport’s most important and elusive icons as well as the California rivers he called home.

Rivers of a Lost Coast Extended Trailer

February 20, 2014 (Sonoma, CA): Every sport has its heroes, and in fly fishing that honor is shared by a select few. From Lefty Kreh to Joan Wulff, we owe a lot to the legends. But in California, that distinction goes to Bill Schaadt: a man whose life was steeped in myth and whose steelhead obsession inspired countless fly fishers to follow suit. Experience California’s changing coastal waters through the eyes of the pioneers who helped shape them.

Rivers of a Lost Coast: No fly fishing documentary has seen the kind of acclaim that Rivers of a Lost Coast received. It tells the story of some of the world’s foremost fly fishing destinations along the north coast of California, and how the 20th century brought with it the dramatic decline of these environments. See these storied rivers through the eyes of angling’s pioneers – lead by Bill Schaadt – as they explore the past and future of fly fishing. It’s not just a rich, compelling historical account of the early culture of steelheading, it’s a reflection on what will happen to these rivers and fish if we don’t fight to protect them.

I Know Bill Schaadt: This is more than just another fly fishing coffee table book. It’s a spectacular collection of stories that revolve around one of the sport’s most infamous characters, Bill Schaadt. Known for his steelheading obsession and a mastery of Northern California’s coastal rivers, Bill was a man who lived to fly fish. Learn his legacy as told by thirty of his friends and fishing buddies. It’s a beautifully arranged story of a true pioneer, including photographs that catalogue the changing landscapes of the rivers that he called home.

“Rivers of a Lost Coast” & “I Know Bill Schaadt” Review – Leland’s Casey Rolig


I’m not a native to California nor have I lived here very long, but part of what brought me here was my love for everything fly fishing. It’s great history, the fishing tales from both river and road, and plenty of stories about the people that make the sport what it is. I grew up reading books by John Voelker – aka Robert Traver – including Trout Madness, Trout Magic, and his more famous piece called, Testament of a Fisherman. Reading these classics taught me about how angling should be done.

Back to Northern California. From tackle design and record numbers of salmon and steelhead runs, from the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in San Francisco to the origins of companies like Winston, this state has a rich history of fly fishing. California is home to the Russian, Eel and Smith Rivers, where tackle was put to the test and anglers helped shaped the way we fish.

Rivers of a Lost Coast highlights two men by the name of Bill Schaadt and Ted Lindner. The documentary includes interviews from those who remember them, plus plenty of photos of massive steelhead and salmon. It shows the rise and fall of our coastal fisheries and the impact man has had on their demise. It’s all about their obsession with chasing chrome and the importance of preserving these historical rivers for future generations.

Rivers of a Lost Coast leaves you wanting more. Here’s when you pick up the book, I Know Bill Schaadt – Portrait of a Fly Fishing Legend, and continue where you left off. It highlights Bill Schaadt’s angling career as told by 30 of his closest friends, each one with their own chapter. You’ll want to read this when the rivers are blown or frozen, then go fishing the second they clear knowing that you have a chance at one of those trophy fish no matter where you reside.

Get the DVD and book together to get the full effect. Even if you haven’t heard of the Russian River, or plan to visit California, you’ll be a better, more well-rounded angler after watching and reading these. They also make a great gift for anyone young or old who is passionate about fly fishing.