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Red Truck All Purpose Outfit Review


Red Truck Diesel All Purpose 590-4 Outfit
Rod: Red Truck Diesel
Line Weight: 5
Length: 9 foot
Sections: 4
Action: Medium Fast
Reel: Red Truck Diesel 5/6
Fly Line: Leland Custom NZ Line – WF5F

For most people just getting into fly fishing, they begin to fish for what’s locally available. For the majority, this means either trout or bass. If this is true for the man in your life, we’ve got great news. Our Red Truck All Purpose Outfit is perfect and it’s everything you want for all-around trout fishing and works great as well for chasing Bass and Bluegill in the local ponds and lakes.

Trout come in all sizes and live in varying environments. This simply means that if you plan on catching as many trout as possible with a fly fishing outfit, you better have one that is incredibly versatile. Our Red Truck All Purpose Outfit will cast dry flies, nymphs and streamers efficiently, allowing you to adjust to any trout fishing situation. You’ll enjoy every cast and have the confidence to modify your angling approach for more fish-catching success.

Bass are a blast on a fly rod. Anyone who denies this is just plain lying. Better yet, bass are abundant throughout the US. You might even have a bass lake or pond just down the road. This Outfit works will for chasing this bucket mouth fish as well. It has plenty of power to deliver larger flies and has enough backbone to tackle those bigger fish.

Balance is the magic: Let’s be honest, Leland isn’t the first company to offer a fly fishing outfit. Truth is, there’s lots of them out there. BUT, we are fanatical about balance. To us, all parts of an outfit must compliment one another, making the whole greater than the sum of parts. The rod must be balanced, the reel’s weight should add further balance to the rod and the line is also very important for casting enjoyment and fishing function. Take our word for it, this outfit is balanced and ready for a good home.