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Red Truck Fly Fishing Co.

Where will your Red Truck take you? Since, its beginnings we have been honored and excited to carry rods and reels made by the Red Truck Fly Fishing Company. Red Truck puts a huge emphasis on exploring your local waters with your friends and family. It’s not always about traveling half way across the world in search of the perfect fish. Most the time, the greatest fishing is what you have in your own backyard and the roads you explore to get there is generally half the fun.

Red Truck also puts a huge emphasis on solutions rather than choices.  This makes the buying process on the consumer level much, much easier.  No longer are you inundated with several choices when it comes to your next 5 weight fly rod.  Rather, they offer you the gear that really deserves to exist and be a part of your fly fishing arsenal.


The Diesel series of fly rods and reels also takes you back to a simpler time.  With a huge influence from rods and reels of yesteryear, Red Truck makes fly fishing fun again.  Along with there 1953 Fly Fishing Combos in the All Purpose Trout and Big Game, Red Truck is great for the beginner as well or the person looking to upgrade one of their first outfits.  We know you have so many choices when it comes to fly fishing gear and our focus is bringing you the brands that will make these decisions easier.  Check out what the Red Truck Fly Fishing Company has to offer.  We know you’re going to love what you see and feel!



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