Red Truck Diesel Switch Outfit Review


Red Truck Diesel Switch Outfit


The Diesel Switch Outfit includes:
Diesel 7110-4 Switch Rod
• Fly Reel: Loop Evotec 7-9
• Airflo Running Line 20lb
• Airlfo 450 Rage Compact Skagit Line
• Skagit Mow Tip Kit (Light)
• Extra Tip
• 9ft 12lb Leader
• Rigged and ready to fish
January 24, 2014 (Sonoma, CA): When conditions and terrain change often – and when you’re steelheading, they absolutely do – a versatile rod can mean the difference between focusing on your gear and focusing on the fish. The Red Truck Diesel Switch Outfit is a comprehensive solution for steelhead angling that combines one of our favorite switch rods with a fly reel and fly line system custom tailored for changing conditions.

Complete Control: From first prototypes to the final package, our team of rod designers managed every element of assembling the Red Truck Diesel Switch Outfit to ensure a truly balanced system. The Diesel 7110-4 Switch, Loop Evotec reel, and custom line system were meticulously selected to operate together. It’s this level of control that translates into an outfit that goes beyond your typical rod/reel/line combo. And it’s this same idea of control that we want to pass on to anglers and steelheaders looking for a rig that will give them total coverage of the water they’re fishing, regardless of the conditions. The Red Truck Diesel Switch is your solution for steelhead fishing made simple.

The Rod: Though the switch rod is a relative newcomer in the fly fishing market, it’s made a lasting impact on the world of steelhead fishing. Designed to act as both a single-hand and double-hand fly rod, most of today’s switch rods are best described as a compact two-handed fly rod and they offer a smart solution for any angler wanting to join the two-handed revolution. Our Red Truck Diesel 7110-4 Switch Rod is indeed a hybrid of both single and double-handed, but it makes no compromises on either front and provides exceptional performance across the board. Whether you’re indicator fishing, swinging deep, or fishing near the surface, the Red Truck Diesel 7110-4 Switch Rod is a perfect solution. With extra length for big mends and and power for big fish, yet compact enough for effortless single-hand casts, this is the workhorse of our lineup.

Additionally, the Diesel 7110-4 comes with the hallmark ingenuity that sets Red Truck apart. Sanded, precision-fit ferrels provide a secure fit that stands up to the torsional stresses of swing fishing and spey casts. The switch grip is made from the highest grade cork, designed for ergonomics as well as enhanced feel. And the rod cap comes equipped with a bottle opener for post-chrome refreshment.

The Reel: There’s no better fit for the Red Truck Diesel Switch than Loop’s Evotec 7-9 Fly Reel. Of course, it’s fully sealed and machined from aircraft grade aluminum. But it’s dimensions and weight perfectly balance with the Diesel Switch, and we challenge you to find a smoother drag system or a more durable reel.

The Line System: The outfit comes ready for every type of steelhead fishing and includes a running line, 450 grain skagit head, and a set of light MOW tips. The short taper excels when you’re casting large flies and heavy tips, and everything is easily interchangeable depending on the conditions.

The Rundown: It comes down to balance you can feel and an outfit you can trust. Steelheading is as fun as fly fishing gets, but it can be hell on gear. Enjoy every cast and every fish with the exceptional control of the Red Truck Diesel Switch Outfit. And trust that it’s as tough as it is versatile, giving you range on the water and countless seasons of steelhead.

Pro Review – Leland’s James Park

On a trip to Oregon’s Rogue River last October, I fished two days with the Red Truck Diesel Switch Outfit. Although not known for large steelhead, the summer run of steelhead on the Rogue offers an opportunity to catch a solid number of fish in the four to eight pound range. The Rogue is also a medium-sized river and perfect for a switch rod.

Although switch rods make easy work of indicator nymphing for steelhead, my go-to technique is swinging a fly cross current. It allows me to get the most out of every cast and every take. Plus, the Rogue River’s fish are notoriously aggressive and will happily grab a well-swung fly.

The Red Truck Diesel Swiich Outfit is the ideal tool for this kind of fishing. At eleven feet in length, it’s just right. Not too long for a river the size of the Rogue, yet still long enough to provide efficient casts and mends. As a seven weight, it has the appropriate line mass to deliver the common sizes and weight of flies used on most steelhead rivers. The Red Truck Diesel Switch Rod’s power is dialed in right, making a three pound fish fun, yet it can still cast a Skagit head with a heavy tip and big bug.

Of course this rod is well-finished with its classic “snake belly” blank and all the right components, including tight thread wraps and smooth epoxy work. The cork grade is very nice and the handle shape feels great in hand. There’s even a bottle opener in the rod cap.

Included in the outfit is a complete line system. It comes professionally rigged and ready to fish, including backing, an Airflo Ridge Running Line (#20) and an Airflo Compact Skagit Head (450 grain), as well as Rio’s MOW Tip Kit (Light). The line system makes casting a breeze and the Rio MOW Tip Kit allows the angler to dial in the perfect tip regardless of fishing conditions.

The fly reel is the equally solid Loop Tackle Evotec 7-9. This fully-machined and anodized large-arbor fly reel comes with a completely sealed disc drag system, which is butter smooth and very powerful. Essentially, this reel is bomb-proof, great looking, and a good fit with the Red Truck Diesel Switch Rod.

Casting this setup on Oregon’s Rogue River was epic. Easy mends resulted in amazing line and fly control. I beached about six fish on the swing during my two days on the Rogue, which is about average…nothing to brag about, but each was the result of smooth casts and controlled swings. If you’re looking for the same experience, the Red Truck Diesel Switch is as good as it gets.