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The Red Truck Diesel Spring Creek 389-4 Outfit

Red Truck Diesel Spring Creek 389-4 Outfit
Rod: Red Truck Diesel
Line Weight: 3
Length: 8’9″
Sections: 4
Action: Medium
Reel: Red Truck Diesel 3/4
Fly Line: Leland Custom NZ Line – WF3F

Let’s face it, when it comes to most our trout fishing we reach  for our trusty 9 foot 5 weight.  It’s hard to argue that this is probably the most common “go to” rod for most any angler.  When just starting out in the sport or when asking your “all knowing” fishing buddy which length and weight to choose a 5 weight is generally the answer.

There are times however when we all wish we had something a bit lighter, something with a bit more finesse capable of the most delicate presentation.  Often times it’s on a gin clear spring creek when tricos are covering the water and you can see trout lazily sipping them off the surface.  The last thing you need is a super fast action rod to splat down your fly too aggressively spooking your quarry.  That’s why we at Leland love fishing the Red Truck Spring Creek Outfit.  At 8’9″ this is the perfect length for open meadow creeks or spring creeks such as California’s Hot Creek.  This 3 weight, being a bit lighter than your 5, flexes a bit deeper and protects the finest of tippets.

If you’re ready to add a lighter outfit to your arsenal this Spring Creek Outfit is the perfect compliment to your 9 foot 5 weight.  Use your 5 for throwing streamers, nymphing, or when a bit more distance is needed.  The 3 weight will serve perfectly for those smaller more delicate dry flies and is one combo that is sure to put a smile on your face when you do hook into the BIG one.

Balance is the magic: Let’s be honest, Leland isn’t the first company to offer a fly fishing outfit. Truth is, there’s lots of them out there. BUT, we are fanatical about balance. To us, all parts of an outfit must compliment one another, making the whole greater than the sum of parts. The rod must be balanced, the reel’s weight should add further balance to the rod and the line is also very important for casting enjoyment and fishing function. Take our word for it, this outfit is balanced and ready for a good home.