Red Truck Diesel Fly Rod Review


Red Truck Diesel Series – The Collection Story

We designed the Diesel Series for the hard core of fly fishing culture. Guys who measure their year by the number of days they spend on the water.Girls who sleep in their truck so they can be chest deep at first light.Folks who might skip an anniversary or birthday if a hatch starts going off.

We’re thinking here of serious anglers who have a nasty habit of putting fly fishing before everything else.

The Diesel Series takes the essential line-up of the 1953 Series – a five weight and an eight weight, both nine-footers – and adds three seven weights that are ideal for nymphing and swinging for anadromous fish in California and beyond: a ten-footer, an eleven foot Switch, and a thirteen-foot-six-inch Spey rod.These five models give hell-bent fly anglers what they need to fish trout, steelhead, salmon and light saltwater species, anywhere they can steal away to.

Diesel blanks are a proprietary blend of mid- and high-modulus graphite.Mid-modulus gives the blank familiar responsiveness and enhanced impact resistance, while high-mod helps dial up recovery speed and power. The result is a moderate-fast, true progressive action, which means a Diesel rod can deliver every cast you’ll need in the course of a fishing day, whether short or long, with equal ease.Take our word for it, these rods fish great.

Featuring top-shelf materials in the reel seat and grip, each Diesel rod has a bit of bling to it, but never loses sight of the bottom line:durable, long-lasting performance. We’ve used all-aluminum hardware in the double-uplocking reel seats and seamless winding checks, ‘gunsmoke’ anodized for season after season of corrosion-free use. When designing our AAA grade cork handles, we went back to the drawing board,re-shaping them to accommodate optimal grip placement for the job at hand. Heavier models feature fighting butts capped with super tough EVA foam.

The unsanded, unpainted Snakebelly blanks of the Diesel Series not only mean a stronger rod, ounce-for-ounce,but throw no rod flash – a critical advantage when pursuing wary fish.We knew this when we opted to use these blanks, but to be honest, our decision was mostly an aesthetic one. Free of clutter like hook-keepers, Diesel rods represent our vision of what highly functional, get-‘er-done fly rods should be.

With our tight-tolerance ferrules joining each section, Diesel rods flex evenly from butt to tip, giving smooth energy transition during the cast and unmatched sensitivity for subtle takes.

But beyond performance considerations, our flawless ferrules mean that replacement sections or supplementary tips are guaranteed to provide a perfect fit every time.

Each Diesel rod comes in a raw-touched, extruded aluminum rod tube. We chose this look for its old-school merits, but also because this design wears the inevitable dings, dents and scratches of fishing life as marks of distinction.

Our heavy-duty cotton rod sock keeps your rod safe on rough roads and wild floats, and comes with an extra sleeve we call the Spare Tire.Should you choose, you can purchase an extra tip as a back-up, so you’ll be dialed even if you t-bone your tip with a lead-eyed streamer on the first day of your trip.

Though a hangover is no excuse for a missed hookset, the beers in your cooler say as much about you as the flies in your fly box. With that in mind, our patented Brews-Key bottle opener sits nicely in the rod tube cap, awaiting the call to action.

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