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Patagonia Gear Review: Help Save Your Sport


Patagonia Fly Fishing
Gear for the Planet

Over $46,000,000 donated to date to save your environment

1% of gross yearly sales donated to save your environment

Iron Clad Guarantee on all your Patagonia products

Best Fly Fishing Gear you can buy…period!

We like to support companies who are saving our fragile environment. We like to support companies that produce their products with as little environmental impact as possible. We like to support companies who use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. In fact, since 1985, Patagonia has pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. To date, that’s over $46,000,000.

Of course you already know that Patagonia of Ventura, California makes some of the best fly fishing gear on the planet. You probably also know that all of Patagonia’s fly fishing products are backed by Patagonia’s famous Iron Clad Guarantee. It’s pretty simple…if you’re not satisfied, neither is Patagonia and they’ll make it right for you. We just wanted to remind you.

You might not have caught a trout in Patagonia, but you’ve probably caught a Patagonia® trout. You see, a good deal of Patagonia’s donated funds have aided the waterways and environments that support the fish we dearly love. Without fish, there is no fly fishing and without fly fishing, there are fewer magical moments for you to collect and share with others.

Think of it this way, with your thoughtful Patagonia fly fishing purchase, you’re actually making a donation to save the environment, fish and experience you love for future generations. Oh, and you’re also getting the best fly fishing gear available with your donation. Pretty much a win-win, we believe.

Furthermore, at Leland, we’ve taken the time to test Patagonia’s best work and assemble a focused collection of fly fishing solutions that we personally use when fly fishing and would happily recommend to our neighbors. We feel we owe you the same neighborly service. So take a look at our best picks from a great company that’s putting your money to work…Patagonia.