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OPST Commando Heads


OPST is a company dedicated to perfecting the Skagit line and bringing it beyond steelhead, into the world of trout and bass.

Our program revolves around Skagit casting, the most recently innovated “Spey” or anchor-based type of casting. We prefer this style of casting because, among other reasons, it allows us to cast in confined places, with large flies, on light rods, with minimal effort.

We consider our Commando Heads to be the ideal lines for this style of casting. By applying Skagit tactics to the world of single-hand trout fishing, we can now fish Skagit-style on rods as light as a 3 weight. And these lines are just as good overhead and touch and go style as they are Skagit style. From swinging soft hackles on small trout streams to launching giant intruders for king salmon, there is a Commando Head  for a huge range of fly fishing applications. You can fish them with dry flies, nymphs, or on your two hand rod.

With a single hand rod you won’t believe how much more fun they make streamer fishing, or the size of fly you can throw even on a 4 weight. If you’re looking for a setup for confined spaces, sick of false casting big streamers, in need of a trout setup that can throw big flies, or just wanting to make effortless, lazer-beam casts, then you need to try a Commando Head .

We know how confusing fly line systems can be. Take a deep breath, grab a cold one and relax. When you go through our Commando Heads and  Lazar Running Lines simply click on the “specs” tab below the line images. Here you will find general recommendations for fly rods. Also, below you will find I diagram how the system is set up starting from the reel.

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OPST Reviews:
“Wow! The commando head is awesome! Got my order in the mail yesterday and took it out casting on my switch rod today. Absolutely amazing, that commando head took a rod that I never enjoyed casting and turned it into an absolute dream to cast. Thanks again Ben amazing product you guys make.”

-Dylan Gorman

“I just fished the 14′ 9wt with the 475 and 12ft of T14. It was beautiful. To be honest that is the fourth line I have had for that rod and the OPST is the best performing line on that rod. I have had a 650 flight, 725 iflight, and a 660 skagit short on that rod. While the rod casted them all they all felt clunky. Your 475 Head worked amazing.”

Thanks again,

-Ian Wells