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Loop Tackle of Sweden


In Pursuit of the Perfect Cast…

Founded in 1979, Loop is more than a brand of fly fishing tackle: Loop is a global legacy of angling innovation and adventure forged in some of the world’s most serene waters. From their humble roots in Sweden, Loop chased their dream across continents and united the innovative minds of the world’s premier anglers to produce the best fly fishing gear on the market. Loop is truly the total package, celebrating the interplay between fly rod, reel and line with series that work in concert to provide you with unparalleled control and finesse. From their unprecedented rod tapers and the invention of the large arbor fly reel, to the pioneering of the underhand cast and a groundbreaking approach to fly line systems, the brilliant minds at Loop aren’t just ahead of the curve, they’re setting it.

To appreciate Loop tackle, you have to know the people behind the story. The year is 1990 and Loop has already revolutionized the fly fishing industry several times over. Sporting a backpack full of handmade gear and fueled by a fearless pioneer spirit, angling outlaw and co-founder of Loop, Christer Sjöberg, treks into the wilds of Russia’s Kola Peninsula in search of uncharted waters. The Russian government accuses him of using fly fishing as a cover for an illegal diamond mining operation – epic, we know – but Christer and Loop succeed in opening five camps throughout the Kola and providing fellow dreamers with access to legendary Atlantic Salmon fishing.

With additional lodges in Patagonia and Cuba, Christer set the stage for elite fishing adventures and established the ideal venues to test their gear under strenuous conditions. It’s this comprehensive approach to the sport and dedication to innovation that allows Loop to constantly invent and improve fly tackle design. The true breakthrough came in 1984, when the team crafted the first Loop large arbor reel and forever changed industry standards for fly reel manufacturing. It would be another decade before the skeptics started to wise-up and the competition started to mimic Loop’s design. Fast forward to today, and nearly all fly reels on the market feature the signature Loop large arbor design. Not bad for a couple anglers looking to build a better fly reel.

Loop fly rods are equally impressive, meticulously designed and refined to suit every fly fishing application. Some require as many as fifty or sixty prototypes before production and undergo rigorous testing in the harshest fishing environments. The genius behind Loop fly rods is Göran Andersson, a fly fishing guru and undisputed legend amongst anglers everywhere. His mastery of the cast lead Loop to revolutionize the industry with graphite rods that delivered the most precise transfer of power and effortless casting on the market. Leaving no stone unturned, Loop tailor-made their own fly lines to optimize the casting potential of these rod tapers. Loop understands fly lines and their critical, yet often overlooked role in a successful angling outfit. After all, what comes to mind when you think of fly fishing? If you’re as fixated on the art of the cast as the folks at Loop, you’re probably conjuring up a brilliant arc of line unraveling across a gin-clear stretch of pristine river. The elegant execution of a seamless cast is captivating, and Loop has worked to streamline the science of fly lines with a system of interchangeable tips.

Despite their tireless dedication to traveling the world and transforming fly fishing tackle, the Loop name is seductively simple. It reminds us that the essence of fly fishing is the quest for effortless loops, uncharted waters and lines unfolding in celebration of the art of the cast. Guided by their passion for innovation and a relentless trailblazing spirit, Loop applies this philosophy to every piece of tackle they make. The best innovation is born of adversity, and Loop never lets the industry get in the way of their dream. Leland is proud to partner with these pioneers and share in the pursuit of the perfect cast.

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