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Loop Tackle Cross S1 Fly Rod Review


The Wait Is Over: Loop Cross S1 Fly Rods

Single-Hand Models: 386-4, 490-4, 590-4, 690-4, 796-4, 890-4, 1090-4, 1290-4
Double-Hand Models: 7107-4, 7120-4, 9140-4

• Sections: Four
• Action: Medium-Fast
• Blank in aesthetic matte smoke finish.
• High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements
• Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in Gun Metal finish
• Nickel Titanium Alloy Recoil stripping guides. Extra strong in Black Pearl finish
• Recoil snake guides. Extra strong in Black Pearl finish
• Delivered in matching Gun Metal aluminum tube and cloth bag

March 23, 2012 (Sonoma, CA): What began thirty years ago as a modest mission to build better tackle for their home waters in Sweden, Loop has grown to be one of the most influential names in fly fishing. Today, those same visionaries responsible for the large arbor fly reel have altered the landscape of fly fishing yet again. Introducing a new paradigm of angling performance: the Cross S1 Fly Rod, premiering exclusively at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters.

At a glance, Loop’s Cross S1 is clearly a league apart from the ordinary. Featuring a radically redesigned reel seat and matte smoke colorway, the sleek and predatory finish is just a taste of what it’s capable of on the water. But it’s what you can’t see that makes the S1 spectacular. Featuring the revolutionary new Powerlux™ resin system from 3M, the Loop Cross S1 might well be the most highly refined fly rod ever produced, its every feature a testament to flawless design enabling flawless casting.

3M’s Powerlux™ composite material has been abuzz in the angling community, considered by many to be the next breakthrough in fly rod manufacturing. But cutting edge materials are only as good as the time that’s invested in understanding their capability. While other companies rushed production to capitalize on the novelty of 3M Powerlux™ technology, their fly rods failing to harness its full potential, Loop was insistent on excellence. For over two years, Loop tirelessly dedicated its efforts to producing what would become the Cross S1, sparing no expense to get things perfect. Creating countless prototypes, their engineers and anglers focused on every element of S1’s construction. The result is a fly rod that blends equal parts craftsmanship and cutting edge design for an exceptionally responsive and smooth casting experience.

So what is 3M Powerlux™? The 3M Powerlux™ Composite is an entirely new approach to making fly rods more efficient. Rather than just concentrating on the modulus of the carbon fiber filaments in the blank material, Powerlux™ owes its efficiency to the composition of the resin. Consisting of millions of microscopic glass spheres (nano-silica particles) that are capable of incredibly even and thorough distribution, the resin is virtually without unfilled space. These seamless bonds allow for an equally seamless distribution of energy throughout the blank, effectively eliminating any break in the energy of your cast. In turn, you can translate every minute motion into your line with less energy and perfect execution.The resin’s unparalleled density also makes it tremendously strong and as a result the overall amount of material, and thus weight, can be reduced without compromising performance.

That said, Loop understands that lightweight doesn’t equate to a better rod. Each model is balanced for its intended application and every feature contributes to the overall performance. Available in single and double-hand models, the lineup covers the spectrum of angling applications. For Single-Hand models, choose from the 386, 490, 590, 690, 796, 890, 1090, and 1290. The Double-Hand Cross S1 Rods are offered in 7107, 7120, 9140. From quiet, crystal-clear creeks to coastal rivers and saltwater havens, there’s an S1 for every angler. Regardless of the model, the Cross S1’s action is truly adaptive and hugely responsive, allowing for every style casting to be optimized. Classified as medium-fast, it’s best described as recovering quickly with the flexibility to execute subtle line control with incredible clarity. Suffice to say, it’s absolute control with minimal interference.

Cast the S1 and you’ll understand why it’s a fly rod worthy of accolades. It’s not because of the resin or the Loop reputation, it’s not the design or the demand. It’s the harmony between fisher and fly that inspires true tackle innovation. Yes, the Cross S1 is result of the latest technology, but its essence comes from the same timeless Loop tradition: build gear that celebrates and enhances every aspect of the best days on the water. It’s this desire to perfect the art of fly fishing that has made Loop’s legacy one of innovation, and it’s what makes their Cross S1 a truly remarkable achievement.