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Loop Tackle Classic Series Fly Reel Review



• Models: 4/6, 5/8, 7/9, 8/11, 10/13
• Machined and Anodized Bar Stock, Aircraft Aluminum
• Fully-Sealed, Fully-Adjustable Power Matrix Drag System
• Distinctive Outgoing/Incoming Click
• Precisely Counterbalanced

November 3, 2011 (San Francisco, CA): Fly reels say a lot about an angler. They separate the traditionalists from the gearheads, pitting old-school styling against new-school innovation. Now you don’t have to choose between timeless design and state-of-the-art engineering: where the ageless aesthetics of the past and the breakthrough technologies of the future converge, Loop Classic Fly Reels stand in a class all their own.

Paying homage to the most iconic fly reels ever produced—a lineage spanning from Edward Vom Hofe to Stanley Bogdan to Hardy Cascapedias—Loop Classic reels are a modern take on a centuries-old legacy of angling style. From the sleek S-handle down to the handcrafted leather reel case, every feature of Loop Classic Fly Reels speaks to the rich history of fly fishing and the satisfaction that comes from connecting with its ongoing heritage. Under the hood, the Loop Classic’s unparalleled drag system is anything but retro. If it’s possible to build a piece of tackle that is emblematic of the finest elements of the sport of fly fishing, the elegant and ergonomic Loop Classic Fly Reel might just be it.

Striking aesthetics alone don’t warrant admission into such an elite club, a club where fly reels are built to outlast everything short of the waters they fish. For that you need an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, and the Loop Classic Fly Reels are as sturdy as fly reels get. Manufactured from premium aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for a finish that is as indestructible as it is iconic, Loop Classic Fly Reels are meant to handle the harshest conditions with graceful power. The Loop brand was built on the back of adventure angling; its founders and engineers travel to ends of the earth to test gear where others had never fished before. From South America to Russia, Alaska to Africa, the Classic Series is steeped in a rich angling tradition of design and forged in the waters of the world’s premier fly fishing destinations.

Reels you can trust: Loop’s meticulous approach to design is not reserved to a polished exterior; the top-notch components powering the Classic Fly Reels are nothing short of spectacular. For those discerning anglers who require uncompromising performance, the mechanics of the Loop Classic Series sets the bar for impenetrable drag systems. Featuring Loop’s signature Power Matrix Drag System, Loop Classics take fully-sealed waterproof performance to a new level.* Utilizing the extreme resilience of carbon drag plates (rather than your conventional cork) the Power Matrix Drag System is impervious to frictional wear. The benefits of this innovative design are particularly clear in strenuous saltwater environments where corrosion and compromised performance attack lesser-made reels. Want a testimonial? The Loop lodges in Argentina and Cuba have operated the same fleet of Loop Classic and Opti Fly Reels for several years without fail, with virtually every day spent under the most demanding fly fishing conditions.

*Note: The Loop Classic 4/6 does not feature the Power Matrix Drag System, instead it has a more suitable and lightweight, butter-smooth adjustable click and drag system.

A reel for the senses: Loop Classic Reels are a celebration of the senses. From spring creeks to the surf, the echoing click of a Loop Classic Fly Reel is a call to any angler to get out and fish. The sensory experience of “fish-on” is a place where we all long to be, and the Loop Classic Reels deliver an unmistakable sound to completely immerse you in the catch. It’s these distinctive touches—like the precision porting against the vintage look and the beautiful leather reel case—that make the Loop Classic worthy of its name.

The supreme achievement of the Loop Classic Fly Reels comes not from their elegance and craftsmanship, their brute strength and durability, but from the harmony of all these features. Merging “classic” style with modern mechanics, Loop Classic Reels strike a superb balance between angling’s rich past and promising future. Give your favorite fly rod the better half it deserves: a Loop Classic Fly Reel.


Loop Classic Pro Review – By Leland’s George Revel


What’s the Word…

When the Loop Classic Reels first arrived here at Leland, it’s fair to say they were immediately fondled and groped by the entire staff. They just looked like something I wanted. In the same realm as our red truck diesel reels. We had to know how they fished… drove north to swing some black leaches at the early fall steelhead.


The Classic Series is a perfect example of Loop’s ability to craft efficient, purpose-built fly reels that look as good as they perform. The Loop Classic Fly Reel’s drag system is fully adjustable to provide you with complete control and versatility. Of course it’s entirely corrosion-resistant and waterproof, built to handle whatever punishment comes its way. Loop Classics come in a range of weights cover every application, from stealthy spring creek trout all the way up to the most powerful flats fishing for tarpon or trevally… See video here. Loop Classics also come with a leather reel case that is as elegant as the reels themselves.

Fit and Finish…

Looks aren’t everything, but they certainly don’t hurt. If you’ve always wanted a Bogdan or a Hardy, the Loop Classic is worth more than just a second glance. Their sleek S-curve handle contrasts the quality porting, and the whole reel delivers a unique blend of vintage and contemporary features. These are excellent competitors in the premium fly reel market that won’t let you down no matter how much you fish. If you appreciate more of an old-school look, Leland has a limited supply of the non-ported models in stock (One less as of 20 min when I got mine 7-9RHW).


Pros: The weight of the Classic Reel is one of the things I have enjoyed most. The drag system is an upgrade form what you assume is in it by looking at it.

Solid… they don’t have the solid feeling on of a Bogdan, but the full cage gives a very nice sturdiness to it.

Cons: Some might consider the Loop Classic Reels to be a bit on the heavier side, but to a lot of us, that’s not a bad thing. Particularly, Those using Spey rods, Bamboo, Glass, longer single handers. Now I am no weight weenie… but the right reel on rod can make all the difference.

The Drag system on the 4-6’s is not RH or LH specific. Not a big deal but would have been nice to have.

Bottom Line: Whether you are looking for a timeless trout reel or a heavy-duty spey reel, the Loop Classic Series delivers incredible design and reliability across the board.