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LOOP Single Hand Fly Lines

 A correctly balanced fly line is crucial in allowing the angler to achieve the maximum potential of the rod action and design purpose.

LOOP’s DNA is strongly anchored to the 1980’s when they began to challenge the long established industry parameters of generic target taper weights for fly lines. By cutting, splicing and reconfiguring line densities, LOOP effectively demonstrated the practical delivery method of shooting heads. This revolutionary concept also became the genesis of the Underhand Cast and remains a highly efficient casting method for modern day anglers.

LOOP fly lines are designed for seamless energy transfer potential for minimal power output.

We have the full line of LOOP single hand lines available and have put together an easy to understand guide below to make your line shopping as simple as possible.  As always, if you have further questions please feel free to contact us via our Live Chat feature or by calling 415-781-3474.