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LOON Products

Every angler puts a lot of thought into what he or she brings to the water. Loon Outdoors believe it is equally important to think about what is left there.

That is what fishing with a conscience is all about; ascribing value to the health of the water we fish.  Loon has develop their products with these values in mind and make sure they are safe for fish, fisheries, and fishermen, without ever compromising quality or performance.

By offering reusable and biodegradable weights and indictors Loon puts the environment first and foremost to help and protect our natural resources and wildlife.  Their floatants, sinkets and cleaners are solvent-free and consist of water-soluble components that perform without polluting the water. And their tying paints, cements and wax are non-toxic and odorless, to keep tying benches free from harmful fumes.

At Leland we admire this and and it’s why we have chosen Loon products as our brand of choice.  Their products will always allow anglers to fish with a (clear) conscience.

As fly anglers we have all become frustrated when our dry flies become water logged and start sinking.  There are several products on the market to combat this but we believe that the Loon Aquel Fly Floatant first applied to your dry fly and then touched up throughout the day with Loon Top Ride is the best way to combat this.  For even a better floating dry try pretreating your dry flies a few days or even the night before.  You will spend less time treating your flies and more time fishing them.

When it comes to your fly lines Loon has you covered there as well.  For a nice smooth transition through your guides, try the UV Knot Sense.  UV knot sense can be applied over any knot for added security.  We use it over our Nail Knots when creating a monofilament butt section and either expose it to the sun for a few seconds or by using a UV light of some kind.

We have also added a few more loon accessories to our line up!  If you are looking for a way to subtly delivery nymphs to spooky trout check out Biostrike for making just the right size indicator.  Match this with Loon’s Deep Soft  Weight and you are assured the perfect drift.

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