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Leland’s Three-Pack Luggage System


A fly fishing luggage solution that organizes your life…

Although you can fly fish with with relatively little gear, it’s not uncommon for avid fly anglers to amass a substantial collection of fly fishing odds and ends. From multiple fly boxes and stream side tools to waders, boots and clothing…you need a smart storage solution to organize your fly fishing goods.

That’s why Leland’s Three Pack luggage solution exists. It’s a thoughtful collection of packs and bags that offers up a handy storage location for just about everything in your fly fishing closet. With it, you’ll be ready for an evening dash to the stream to catch the hatch. You’ll also be ready for a weekend trip with your buddies. Heck, with it you can even gear up for a week long trip to Alaska. .

#1 The Leland Tackle Pack is all you need when on the water. It’s not only a waist pack, it’s also a chest or sling pack all in one. Wear it as you wish or how the water depth dictates. But a fly fishing pack just by itself is no solution, that’s why we’ve completed ours with all the necessary goods to get you started off right. Included with our pack is a windowed fly box with six trout flies, a sharp pair of clippers (with retractor), forceps with lanyard, tippet T (for holding spools of tippet) and even a water bottle to fill with your favorite beverage.

#2 The Leland Zip Top Bag is just the right size for that weekend trip. Not only will it happily swallow our Leland Tackle Pack, but other necessary items like waders, boots, clothing layers and a jacket. With its reinforced hard bottom, it will boldly protect your fly fishing gear from bumps and bruises. Better yet, when you’re digging around, looking for that one important item, you’ll be happy our bag’s inner lining is a bright yellow material, making for easier identification of goods.

#3 The Leland Modular Organizer rounds out our luggage offering. If you’re currently keeping your fly fishing gear in an odd collection of Rubbermaid boxes, pay attention. The Leland Modular Organizer comes with four color-coded storage cubes. Your job is to lay out all your fly gear, organize it accordingly (trout, steelhead, salt…etc.) and fill the colored, zippered cubes. The good news is that each cube fits nicely into the larger storage bag. Now you’ll be organized at home and ready for the call. Just need the trout and steelhead cubes for a trip? Grab them and toss them into your Leland Zip Top Bag. Need them all? Grab the tough nylon handles and load the whole carrying bag into your car. Easy!

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Pro Review – Leland’s Burke White

Nothing like a spur of the moment fly fishing trip to test one’s organizational skills. In the past, this meant a hurried treasure hunt under my house collecting the necessary goods, hoping I found all the required items and forgot nothing too important. I’m now happy to announce that no longer occurs for me.

Leland’s approach to simplified storage has made a difference in my fly fishing organization skills. I’ll start with the Modular Organizer. The name pretty much says it all. The secret is to assemble, organize and repack your fly fishing gear when you’re not in a hurry. Once done, you’ve now got a clean and handy way to store your gear at home. Sure worked for me.

Next, when it is time to fish, I grab Leland’s Zip Top Bag. I head to my Modular Organizer and pull out the necessary color-coded storage cube(s), taking only the fly fishing gear needed on my trip. The Zip Top Bag is the right size for a weekend of fishing. Waders, boots clothing and my Leland Tackle Pack…it all fits fine.

Speaking of tackle packs…Leland’s version is great. I can wear it as a fanny pack, chest pack or my favorite…sling pack. This way I can easily slide my pack back and forth depending on my needs. It’s also nice that my pack came with some extra fly fishing items…items I use every time I’m on the water.

Now at least my fly fishing life is organized.