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Leland’s Pliny Fly Line: The world’s easiest-casting fly line

Wold’s easiest-casting fly line…guaranteed!
From twenty to sixty foot casts…nothing compares.

Fly fishing for trout has always been an intimate, visual, outdoor activity. The goal is to sneak up on your fish, or at least “fishy” water…make an accurate cast with a subtle presentation and watch the magic unfold. This simple game is still available today, if you want it. You just have to shrug off the chaos offered up by the fly fishing industry, when choosing a fly line.

Often casually overlooked, the right fly line makes all the difference when it comes to easy casting and catching. Arguably, the right fly line is actually the most important component when assembling your fly fishing equipment. You touch your fly line while you fish, its weight flexes your fly rod while casting. It’s the vehicle for delivering your fly with efficiency, accuracy, and a subtle presentation. It’s also the connection to your fish. The right fly line sure matters.

After thirty years of selling all the major fly line brands, we decided to finally do our job and design a fly line that makes fly casting fun, efficient, accurate and easy. Although it ain’t “rocket science,” there is science involved, but we won’t bore you with that. Instead, we’ll just make one very bold statement, “This is the world’s easiest-casting fly line.”

Don’t believe us? Just watch the video above to see how easy it is to cast our Leland fly line.

We also highly recommend you use our popular Leland New Zealand Leader when casting our Leland Fly Line. Yup, the right tapered leader matters too.