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Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard

Vertical NBD Lanyard for eBlast

Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard – Loaded


Color: Olive Green / Leland Red
Material: 550 USA paracord
Included: Clipper, zinger, clamps, Tippet T
Snaps: 5
Made in USA

Always on the hunt to make fly fishing more enjoyable, Leland has teamed up with Nature Boy Designs to offer a US made lanyard that comes complete with all the necessary stream side tools that fly anglers rely on. Each smartly-designed, handmade lanyard comes ready to fish, including a clipper, forceps, zinger and tippet T (for your tippet spools). A few extra snap swivels allow the angler to customize the set up. Now all your necessary fly fishing tools are easily within reach. It’s perfect for that late evening hatch, just grab a fly box and you’re good to go. Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard – Loaded.

Vest, What Vest?: The Iconic fly fishing vest is still available for the few holdouts in our sport, but today most anglers prefer a shoulder or chest pack. Packs work well for storing fly boxes, leader and such, but accessing the tools we anglers use all day presents a challenge if you must open your pack each time. Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard keeps the commonly used equipment right in reach…all day long. That’s smart fishing and at Leland…we like it that way.

Get Customized: Let’s face it, we’re all different. We come in different sizes. Some of use are left handed…others right. No problem, Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard is fully adjustable for a custom fit. You’re angling necessities will be right where you want them. You can even move your tools about the lanyard with the provided snap swivels. Heck, there’s even a few extra, should you desire to add more items. You can even mount your lanyard directly to your waders if you wish.

Safety First: You might ask if it’s safe to hang a loop of super strong paracord around your neck. At Leland, we asked the same. The good news is that Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard has your safety in mind. Each lanyard comes with a quick release connection. In the rare event you get hung up, the release will do its job and you’ll be around to fish another day.Leland Buy Button