Leland’s Nature Boy Hat(ch) Patch


 Leland and Nature Boy Designs makes fly fishing even better. Introducing the Hat(ch) Patch. Now you’ve got your favorite flies within easy reach…always.

* Each Hat(ch) Patch is handcrafted by Nature Boy Designs
* Fits most every baseball style cap – Curved or Flat Bill
* Patent Pending
* Made in the USA



Let’s Face It…Although we fly anglers carry many flies with us on any given fishing trip, we commonly only use a few of our favorite patterns, or at least the ones that seem to be working. Why then do we continually dig through our vests, packs and boxes each time we need a fly? With the Hat(ch) Patch from Nature Boy Designs, your favorite flies are within easy reach…all day.

Wool Is For Sheep…Most of us have tried the old wool fly patch only to find that your favorite fly falls out (lost forever) as you didn’t secure it properly. Just as annoying, sometimes you need a blow torch and pliers to attempt to remove your fly from this wooly burden. Not with the Hatch Patch, your flies will stay right where you put them and can easily be removed when needed.

Your Favorite Hat…Sure, some of us just poke our fly hooks right into the core material of our favorite ball cap. A few outcomes…this hat is now and forever only a fishing hat, or you just ruined your best lid. With Nature Boy Design’s Hat(ch) Patch, you can add more fly storage real estate to your already fly festooned ball cap, or you keep your best cap clean and ready for a day at the ball park.

Pez Dispenser…If you fish with younger or newer fly anglers, you’re probably growing tired of being the official fly dispenser. You know the drill, your little angler just lost another fly on a back cast and you’re now winding your way back to tie on yet another fly. Not with the Hat(ch) Patch. Just rack a few top producing flies on your kid’s lid and teach them a knot. Now they can replace their own flies. Easy!

On The Go…Whether chasing trout or walking the flats, sometimes it’s more fun to go light and leave the clutter at camp or in the boat. With the Hat(ch) Patch, you’ve got the necessary flies for a quick attack. Just pack a spool of tippet in your pocket and get at it. Lose a fly? Not a problem, lift your lid and you’ve got your favorite patterns right where you need them. It’s also great for the evening hatch.