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Leland’s Nature Boy Designs Lanyard – Sierra Nevada Edition

Leland’s Nature Boy Designs Lanyard – Sierra Nevada Edition.

Give the vest and pack a rest this season.  

Often with these items anglers feel they need to fill every nook and cranny.  Most often times taking a minimalist approach to fly fishing is your best bet.

The Leland Nature Boy Lanyard allows you to do just this.  It forces you to simplify your fishing allowing the angler to focus on the essentials.  Trust us, this approach will lighten your load and free you of all the gadgets, gizmos, and excess fly boxes that weigh you down.

For years we have been selling our Fully Loaded version of this lanyard.  After numerous requests we are now excited to offer this versatile lanyard on its own, minus all the tools you probably already have in your arsenal.  The beauty of these lanyards is you can attach them directly to your waders or wear it with the included neck strap.  These lanyards are made in the USA by Nature Boy Designs and feature 4 clips for necessary items and one central trigger snap for items that need to be quickly detached.


We’ve based the colors of this lanyard after our Sierra Nevada Backpacker Fly Rod.  Golden Yellow, Coyote Brown, and Ranger Green are the paracord colors that make up this handsome lanyard.

Make it the season to concentrate more on your fishing and less on your gear.  Try out the this fantastic item for yourself and see how much more enjoyable your fly fishing can be.