Leland’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


Leland’s Stocking Stuffer
Any fly angler on your list will benefit from our Leland Stocking Stuffer. This handy kit of goodies includes the necessary and functional items any trout fly fisher will need. With the sturdy Dr. Slick forceps and razor-sharp, curved scissors, the angler on your list will be ready to bend down hook barbs, remove flies from earned fish and cleanly cut through any fishing line. Speaking of fishing line, we’ve included a spool of Airflo fluorocarbon tippet. Not kidding, this stuff is the best and literally disappears in water…take that fish. To round out this bundle of fly fishing items, we’ve also included a Leland fly tin. Inside it, we’ve assembled six of our best trout flies. Our Leland Stocking Stuffer will put a smile on any trout fly fisher’s face and for only $19.99, it’s sure to make you smile, too.

The Leland Sonoma Trout Outfit
Call it a kit, combo or outfit, it all means the same to us. What it should mean to you is that we’ve designed a wonderfully-balanced and efficient fly fishing outfit that is the solution for anyone on your gift list that plans on pursuing trout in beautiful places. Each component, from rod to reel to fly line, was designed from the ground up to compliment one another. The result is one of the smoothest-casting, most-accurate fly fishing outfits ever. Of course it’s a four-piece fly rod for convenience of travel and storage and of course it comes complete with a protective rod tube, extra leaders and even flies. The recipient of this great gift can go fishing on day one. And for only $199.99, nothing in the market even comes close…nothing!

The Leland Favorite Trout Outfit
We don’t use the term favorite casually here at Leland. It actually means something…IT’S REALLY OUR FAVORITE! This pinnacle of fly fishing outfits incorporates our thirty-plus years of curating the best fly fishing equipment in the business. No corners were cut, every inch of this outfit embodies our commitment to pure fly fishing enjoyment. At every point during our lengthy design, we asked ourselves only one question, “Is this our favorite?” Is this our favorite cork grip, reel seat, guide set, rod tube, fly line, reel seat, fly reel? If we couldn’t answer, “yes” the job wasn’t complete. We’re happy to say, our Leland Favorite is now, and finally ready. It’s perfectly-balanced, efficient, a joy to cast and behold. Trust us, if there’s someone exceptionally special on your gift list and they like to fly fish for trout, this will be their favorite gift this holiday, as well as their favorite fly fishing outfit…we promise.

Questions on any of our recommended fly fishing gifts for this holiday season, don’t hesitate to give us a shout, toll-free at 866-672-1959. If our recommendations aren’t quite what you were hoping for, don’t panic. Give us a call or live chat us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will personally assist you with your wishes.

Not sure what to buy? Don’t have time to call and discuss fly fishing gear? Don’t worry, just pick up one of our Leland Gift Cards and let the angler on your list choose exactly what they want. Pretty easy right?

As always, we at Leland thank you for your support and wish you Happy Holidays and a great 2016!