Leland Sonoma Traveler Trout Fly Fishing Outfit Review


Leland Sonoma Traveler Fly Fishing Outfit

• Line Size: 5
• Length: 8 feet
• Sections: 4
• Reel: Leland Classic Trout
• Line: Leland New Zealand Trout (WF5F) “The Pliny”
• Leader: Leland New Zealand Trout (12′ 4X)
• Blank Color: Matte Wine
• Reel Seat: Double-Uplocking Gunsmoke Anodized Aluminum
• Guides: Darkened chrome-plated light wire stainless steel
• Handle: Proprietary Leland Squeeze Grip
• Action: Adaptive, Fast
• Cordura Rod Tube

Fly fishing is a grand excuse to find yourself in beautiful places with something fun to do. Truth is, if more people went fly fishing, the world would be happier. And to properly enjoy and celebrate the sport of fly fishing, one should focus on its defining attribute…the cast. Although it’s true that any fly rod or outfit can catch a fish, it’s not true that all cast the same. To enjoy each fly cast, a worthy fly fishing outfit (rod, reel and line) should be balanced and efficient. That’s exactly why we at Leland Rod Co. designed the Sonoma Traveler Outfit.

In a chaotic world of fly tackle choices, our simple goal was to provide a sensible solution. We did this by designing our own gear from the ground up, where each component (fly rod, fly line and fly reel) complimented one another. The result of this project is a balanced and efficient trout fly fishing outfit, where the whole is greater than the sum of parts. Not only is this outfit brilliant for anyone just getting into the sport. It’s also the perfect solution for any angler who’s grown tired of tinkering with disconnected fly gear. It’s all right here waiting to be efficiently cast and enjoyed.

This outfit didn’t happen by luck. It was born from thirty years of retail experience, where we noticed our customers not only struggling with the overwhelming offering of big-brand fly gear…we also noticed them struggling to use it. We tossed out industry lingo like “proprietary technology” and “super performance” and instead, focused on balance, efficiency, control and accuracy. To us, fly fishing is an intimate sport where trout should not just be caught, they should be earned. And good casts earn fish!

Take for instance our Sonoma Traveler fly rod. It’s not your standard nine-footer. We found by dropping one foot in rod length, we greatly reduced “swing weight,” making our fly rod feel even more balanced in hand. We also found that a shorter fly rod created naturally tighter (more efficient) loops of fly line, making casting much easier. Add to this, the most comfortable cork handle shape in the business and our balanced and efficient Sonoma Traveler is truly an extension of your arm.

A fine rod like our Sonoma Traveler is made even better with the right fly line. Our Leland New Zealand “Pliny” Trout line is just the ticket. In fact, it’s so good, we named it after our favorite, local beer (Pliny The Elder). We softened the line’s coating, shortened the head (the weight-forward part) and created the most efficient profile to efficiently roll your casting energy down the fly line, through the most efficient leader we’ve ever cast (our New Zealand Trout Leader) and to your fly. When you cast this line on our rod, you’ll finally understand what we mean by efficient.

Of course every fly fishing outfit needs a fly reel. Yes, it does store your fly line…but there’s more to it than that. The proper fly reel should be the correct weight to balance out the rod. It should have the correct capacity to store not only our fly line, but have enough backing (emergency line) should a big trout head down stream. A fully-sealed, disc-drag is unnecessary for trout, so we went with the classic and proven click and pawl system. It’s easy to adjust, and requires little to no maintenance. Best of all, when your trout takes off, the classic sound of our Leland Classic Trout reel celebrating the moment will make you smile. Yes, it’s fully-machined, anodized and all, but most importantly…this is a fly reel your granddaddy would want.

When assembled, our fly rod, our fly line and our fly reel makes every forty foot trout cast efficient, controlled and accurate. More importantly, our Sonoma Traveler outfit will make your day on the water that much better and really, that’s why we all fly fish in the first place. Take our word for it. This outfit is the one we use every day at our ranch, teaching people how to efficiently control their fly line. It’s also the outfit we personally take to the water on our days off.

We designed this outfit to make casting more fun primarily for beginners. The good news is, we did it. The better news is, we also created a fly fishing outfit that any expert fly angler will enjoy. Remember, this is our best-selling fly fishing outfit and comes with a full, money-back guarantee. Buy it and try it in your own back yard. Take a few days and think about it. Have your buddy try it. You won’t be disappointed. If you are disappointed, we’ll think you’re crazy…but we’ll still give you all your money back.