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Leland Signature Fly Collections Review


Get started off right with a worthy box of flies…

• Sets feature 36 handpicked flies
• Staff-favorite flies included in each set
• Plenty of additional room for your own flies
• Housed in a Leland Fly Box
• Lightweight, sturdy aluminum construction
• Distinct Color-Coded models
• Labeled on all sides

Leland Signature Fly Collections make easy work out of perfecting your arsenal of trout flies. Equipped with 36 tried and true classics, each assortment targets a specific trout application and includes an organized and optimal pick of our favorite flies. Available in six distinctive sets, each with its own custom colored and labeled Leland fly box, the Leland Signature Fly Collections feature handpicked classics for wherever you chase trout.

When it comes to flies, no collection is ever complete. But with a Leland Signature Collection, you get a great assortment of effective flies as well as the gift of organization in the form of a color-coded, labeled fly box.

Whether you’re looking to add to your existing collection of flies or build the perfect set of flies for your favorite water, any one of the Leland Signature Fly Collections is an easy solution. Stay organized with a color-coded, clearly labeled lineup of our popular fly boxes. Give your dry flies the home they deserve, and never misplace your favorite nymph again. Our Signature Collection features everything you need to succeed on the water, with plenty of room to keep adding to them.

Every set features staff favorite flies that have earned their stripes on a variety of blue ribbon waters. We love trout fishing in its many forms, and these are the flies that made the cut.

Small Stream: The right flies when fishing smaller mountain creeks and alpine lakes.
Spring Creek: Match the hatch on challenging waters with these favorites.
Dry Fly: All our favorite, proven dry fly patterns that work pretty much anywhere.
Nymph: Take these worthy flies down deep and catch more trout.
Trout: A little bit of everything that makes a trout drool!
Streamer: These bigger flies will catch the biggest trout.

Don’t need the flies? Just need the fly box? Click Here!.

Pro Review – Leland’s Burke White

It might sound crazy that a guy who already owns a whole bunch of flies would need a Leland Fly Selection, but I did and here’s why. Most of us plan ahead for our fishing trips and enjoy gathering the necessary gear for a successful outing. But what happens when you get a surprise offer for an unexpected fishing trip and all your flies are back home? You pick up a Leland Fly Selection. At least that’s what I did.

We were headed to a smaller trout stream where we’d be primarily dry fly fishing. It therefor made great sense to pick up the Leland Dry Fly Selection, which I did. Pretty simple so far. When we got to the stream, I had a solid selection of dry flies to choose from. I popped on a fluffy dry and began to fish. Yup, caught some fine little wild trout. I changed flies a few more times and all was right in the world.

Leland has made it really simple as each clearly-labelled and color-coded fly box comes filled with a great selection of flies that will perform on 80% of the waters you will fish. For example, with the Leland Nymph Selection, you’ll arrive ready to fish with top-producing nymphs. However, you might want to visit your local fly shop for a magic nymph or two. That’s exactly why the other side of the fly box is empty, so you can dial in your selection just the way you want it.

If you’re new to the sport of fly fishing, you simply can’t go wrong with any or all of the Leland Fly Selections. You truly can arrive ready to fish on day one…organized to boot. Yet, you can also visit the local shop for some regional information and a secret bug or two. Nice work Leland.