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Leland Rod Co’s Pink Emerger


Fly Fishing is the chance to introduce a young lady to a lifelong relationship with the outdoors. It’s about giving her the gift of time spent in nature. And here at Leland, we think that’s about the best gift you can give. Although fly fishing is commonly perceived as a boy’s or man’s activity, we at Leland are here to proudly state that anyone can (and should) fly fish…especially a girl!

More than just a fly rod: When it comes to construction and attention to detail, there’s nothing childish about the Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit. Built with the same precision as its big brother, the Leland Sonoma Traveler, the Emerger Outfit is meant to be fished hard. The comfortable, efficient rod action makes it the ideal tool for new anglers who are honing their cast, but its versatility means the Emerger never outgrows its usefulness (no matter how big they get). From trout streams to farm ponds and everywhere in between, Leland’s Emerger Outfit is the perfect companion for days spent on the water with those you love.

From tip to butt, the Leland Emerger Outfit has been designed to meet the needs of young anglers. At 7 feet 9 inches in length, it has enough reach to accommodate responsible, accurate casts, yet it’s compact enough to provide excellent line control for new casters. The Emerger’s unique grip shape was designed to fit comfortably in smaller hands, keeping the focus on the fundamentals of control and comfort. A 4-weight, the Emerger is both the perfect weight for a youngster and powerful enough to fight big trout and mid-size fish. And, it’s four piece construction and travel case make it perfect for camping trips and easy carrying.

Leland’s Emerger Outfit comes with everything you need to get fishing, minus a few of your favorite flies. Featuring a durable Red Truck fly reel and weight-forward floating fly line, it’s a carefully balanced outfit that’s anything but your typical big box “kit.” Everything comes assembled in the Cordura rod tube for easy transport and solid protection from the wear and tear of little ones.

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