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Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Trout Outfit Review


Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Trout Fly Fishing Outfit
Balance, Efficiency, Beauty

Line Size: 5
Length: 8 feet
Sections: 4
Blank Color: Burgundy
Reel Seat: Black anodized aluminum
Spacer: Cocobolo
Guides: Dark Chrome Light Steel Wire
Handle: Proprietary Leland Grip
Action: Adaptive, Fast
Rod Tube: Cordura-covered hard tube
Reel: Leland Sonoma Trout Reel – machined, anodized
Line: Leland New Zealand Pliny (WF5-F)
Leader: 12′ 4x

If you’re new to fly fishing, you should know that the defining attribute of our sport is the unique way we deliver our fly. It’s called fly casting and this activity should be celebrated.

To truly enjoy fly casting to the fullest, you need a balanced outfit that feels comfortable and stable in your hand. This doesn’t happen by chance. Rod length, rod weight, line weight and reel weight all play a role in a truly balanced outfit. Miss a step and the outfit falls out of balance…and so does the fly casting experience.

Furthermore, a fly fishing outfit must be efficient at amplifying and transferring your body’s movement and energy into the fly line, which is the goal of any efficient fly cast. Rod taper, blank thickness and materials all play a role in this quest. When you smoothly pull our Leland Sonoma Trout fly rod to a stop (the secret to a good cast), you’ll be rewarded with the smoothest, most-efficient fly cast you’ve ever made.

The right fly line also makes a difference for fly casting enjoyment. The correct taper, head length and weight done smartly makes casting that much easier and fishing more effective.Leland Pliny fly line  solves the riddle. Color-coded, so you can always efficiently control your line and put your fly where you want it. And since 90% of trout are caught within a forty foot (or less) cast, our Pliny fly line assures that distance on every cast. Simply put, this fly line is a joy to cast.

Sure a trout fly reel is just a storage device for the fly line, but the Leland Sonoma Trout fly reel is one heck of a reel. Fully-machined from solid, bar-stock aluminum, then anodized for a long life a hard fishing. Its simple click drag needs no adjusting. It will keep your fly line from overrunning when a trout charges off with your fly. If necessary, you can slow down that fish by “palming” the exposed rim of the fly reel’s spool. It’s simple, elegant and functional. Most importantly, it perfectly balances with the Sonoma Trout fly rod.

It takes focus and planning to design a fly fishing outfit where the whole (rod, reel and line) is greater than the sum of parts and that’s exactly what you get in our Leland Sonoma Trout Fly Fishing Outfit. Fly casting becomes effortless and accurate as you discover efficient control of your fly line and catch more fish.

Our Leland Sonoma Trout is the perfect fly fishing outfit for anyone wanting to learn how to cast correctly and efficiently, then take smooth loops of fly line to a small trout stream and apply your craft. Controlled distance, accuracy and subtle presentations will be yours at will. Fly casting in this manner alone will put a smile on your face, but when your fine cast is rewarded with a wild trout, the wold becomes a bit better.

If you’ve been wanting to fly fish, or if you’ve been struggling with your current rod, reel and line, it’s time to find balance and efficiency in our Leland Sonoma Trout Fly Fishing Outfit.

Pro Review – Leland’s Keith Westra

The Leland Sonoma Trout outfit is brilliant. It’s balanced in hand, which not only makes this outfit more comfortable to hold, it makes casting easier. It’s also incredibly efficient at amplifying our students’ casting energy and transferring this energy into the fly line. Simply put, this is one easy casting fly fishing outfit.

Any angler will quickly notice how easy this outfit is to cast, and when tight loops jump efficiently off this rod’s tip, confidence is born. Confidence on the water makes all the difference…in enjoyment and fish-catching success.

If you’re new to fly fishing or on the hunt for a truly-balanced and efficient fly fishing outfit for trout…you just found it.