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Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Steelhead Spey Outfit Review


Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Steelhead Spey Outfit

A Spey Outfit that comes with everything you need!
Line Size: 6 weight
Length: 12 feet
Sections: 4
Blank Color: Burgundy
Reel Seat: Black anodized aluminum
Guides: Dark Chrome Light Steel Wire
Handle: Proprietary Leland Grip
Action: Adaptive, Medium Fast
Rod Tube: Cordura-covered hard tube
Reel: Leland Reel Co. Vintage Sea Run Fly Reel
Running Line: Airflo Ridge 20 lb.
Skagit Line: Airflo Skagit Switch 450
Scandi Line: Airflo Scandi 390
Leader: Umpqua 10 foot 16 lb.
Tips: 10 foot Medium Sink and 10 foot Fast Sink

September 26 (Sonoma, CA): Intimidated by the lengths, weights, and line choices of Spey rods today? You are not alone…. It feels like every other blog, club, or site is talking up Spey casting. As more people talk about it and look into it, more opinions come up and more choices are made available. Double Hand rods are useful tools and can make fishing your next Steelhead run much more enjoyable and efficient. That’s why we designed the Sonoma Summer Steelhead Outfit.

At Leland Rod Co. we believe solutions are the answer, and as technology moves us forward, so do the tools we use for tackling our favorite species. Most people think of a 6 weight fly rod as their bigger-water trout rod, using it to fish nymphs or stripping streamers. Why then do we offer a 12 foot 6 weight for Steelhead? Because, it’s FUN, it WORKS, and your day on the water will be filled with smiles and efficient, controlled casts.

Many have considered Steelhead the fish of 1,000 casts, so why not use an outfit that makes those casts enjoyable?  Leland Sonoma Steelhead Spey Rod has been designed using an “adaptive” action that can handle a variety of line systems and is almost effortless to cast. It tracks incredibly well, and of course, we only use top-shelf components to finish off this beautiful rod.

Keeping in mind tradition and simplicity, we have paired the rod with the Leland Reel Co. British Columbia Sea Run Reel. This elegant reel is completely machined, features a narrow arbor design and classic and proven click and pawl drag. Sporting a double handle design and solid-brass hardware accents, this reel screams tradition and will scream even louder when you hook into bright chrome.

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from clients is the overwhelming offering of two-handed lines systems. Well, we at Leland have you covered from top to bottom. TheAirflo 390 Scandi is perfect for skating dries or throwing lighter, traditional flies with a longer leader. If getting down is a must, simply loop on the  Airflo 450 Skagit Head along with a sinking tip and dredge away with your favorite leech pattern. The system includes an Airflo 20 lb Running Line with a large welded loop making it easy to switch out between the two head options. A mesh head wallet is also included, making storage of your tips, heads, and leaders a breeze.

Make this Steelhead season your season to learn the techniques and take advantage of what a well balanced Spey Outfit can do. The Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Steelhead Outfit  will do just that!

Pro Review – Leland’s Burke White

A balanced and efficient two-handed, fly fishing outfit will open up your steelheading world.

There are many fabled steelhead rivers in the Northwest. However, one river is often left off the list. It’s Northern California’s Klamath River. This classic river has long lazy runs that allow fish to hold just about anywhere they wish. Anglers fly fishing the Klamath will make a lot of casts at varying lengths and with limited backcast room. In other words, having the right outfit will make or break the experience. I had a chance to fish the Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Steelhead Outfit on the Klamath, at it was a blast.

Without getting too technical in materials and components, what I can say is this outfit is balanced and efficient, making every cast fun and easy. I only fished the Airflo 390 grain Scandi head with traditional steelhead flies. Casting this head on this rod is like driving a classic sports car through wine country with the top down…it’s fun! Although I did have the Skagit head and sink tips with me, I never used them. Casting the Scandi was too much fun and I was catching fish. Never mess with success.

The classic Sea Run reel added to the enjoyment. It’s a real throw back as far as cosmetics, but it sure made the right sound when a bright fish ran down stream and it again reminded me that I really didn’t need a super fancy drag system to enjoy the sport.

The strange part is, this outfit is tough to review as it doesn’t have a long list of hyper-performance features. No sealed drags, no nano-resin system or titanium guides. It’s kinda boring on paper. But on the water, casting, swinging, mending and catching…it’s everything I want in a true steelhead outfit.

I’d recommend this outfit for anyone who’s looking for a truly-balanced, two-handed outfit for steelheading. It’s best suited for summer steelhead rivers, but I can honestly say that I’d be more than happy chasing some winter fish with it, too. It’s just one very sweet-casting outfit.