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Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Coast Steelhead / Alaska Fly Fishing Outfit


Leland Rod Co.’s Sonoma Coast fly fishing outfit was made specifically for landing steelhead or big Alaska trout. Whether it’s a leaping leopard Rainbow Trout or a chrome-colored, fresh run steelhead, this outfit can deliver the goods.

Most companies will start by touting an outfit’s fly rod, as it’s very tempting to talk about graphite. We at Leland know the fly line is actually the secret sauce to the right fly fishing kit. It’s not only the vehicle to carry and deliver your fly, it’s also the connection between you and your fish and this is one heck of a fly line.

Leland’s custom WF7F fly line walks the fine line between casting enjoyment and fishing function. It’s shorter, weight-forward section allows all anglers (whether beginner or advanced) to comfortably and efficiently control the cast. And, when you can control where the fly line goes, you’ll be extremely accurate at where your fly lands. It floats like a cork and requires little line adjustment for natural drifts, and of course this line has the right amount of mass to efficiently deliver the flies you’ll use chasing steelhead or trout inAlaska.

To cast our smartly-designed fly line efficiently, you’ll need a fly rod. Remember, as it relates to fly casting, a fly rod is an amplifier. It amplifies your small body movements and efficiently transfers your energy into the fly line. Our well-designed Sonoma Coast fly rod is balanced and efficient. It’s also the right length for all the common casts you’ll make when steelheading or fishing in Alaska. Of course, our Sonoma Coast rod has all the right materials and components allowing for a long life of easy casts and earned fish. Oh, and its four-piece configuration makes for easy storage and travel.


To store our Leland fly line and ample backing (should a large fish head down stream), you’ll need a fly reel. A proper fly reel should be the right size to hold the correct amount of line for the fish you’re chasing. It also must be the correct weight to properly balance the fly rod. It should also aid you in slowing down your hard fighting fish, with a smooth drag and an exposed palming-rim. Finally if possible, a fly reel should celebrate the sport cosmetically. There is such a fly reel and it’s our Leland Classic Drift fly reel. With its classic click and pawl drag system and timeless sound, you’ll announce to the world when hooked to a trophy.

When assembled, this outfit is balanced, efficient and fun to cast. With it, you can enjoy every cast and earn every fish. With it, you can explore the wonder of any river and create memories that will last a life time. Oh, and our Sonoma Coast fly fishing outfit comes complete with a handy, protective rod tube with integrated reel pouch. This not only makes for smart storage during travel, it allows for quick rigging when it’s time to fish.

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