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Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Review


Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada Fiberglass

Line Size: 4
Length: 7 feet 6 inches
Sections: 6
Blank Color: Golden
Reel Seat: Darkened Nickle Silver Slide Band
Spacer: Cocobolo, Cork Spacer
Guides: Blued Chrome Light Steel Wire
Handle: Proprietary Leland Grip
Action: Adaptive, Fast
Rod Tube: Painted Aluminum

Sierra Nevada Glass Outfit
Reel: Sierra Nevada Golden Trout, 3-4 Weight
Line: Airflo Ridge Technical, WF4 Floating
Leader: Rio 7’6” 5x (3-Pack)

December 27, 2013 (Sonoma, CA): Nowhere embodies the spirit of fly fishing quite like California’s Sierra Nevada Range. We’re spoiled to have one of the world’s best small stream trout sanctuaries in our own backyard, and so we built a series of fly rods to honor the region. At the center of the lineup is a rod inspired by the timelessness of glass rods paired with a distinctly contemporary approach: Leland Rod Co.’s Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Rod.

A New Take on Tradition: At first glance, the Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada Fiberglass fly rod is in a class all its own. From the design of the blank to the script on the rod cap, every aesthetic element has been masterfully addressed. Clean lines, classic colors, and a nod to generations of fiberglass fly rods combine in one stunning example of angling craftsmanship. But it’s the performance-minded construction that sets the Sierra Glass apart. Several years in the making, each component of the Sierra Nevada Glass Rod has been chosen to deliver uncompromising performance. The nickle silver reel seat, blue chrome guides, proprietary Leland grip, and the golden finish are all a testament to the time-honored tradition of fiberglass fly rods. Simply put, this is a rod that will last a lifetime and never go out of style.

Why we fish: Fiberglass rods are all about slowing down and enjoying every cast. The Sierra Nevada Glass Rod is no exception, providing a deeper flexing blank that harkens back to fly fishing in its simplest form. Just toss the easily portable six piece into your backpack with a few dry flies, and you’ve got everything you need for a memorable day. It’s about simplifying without compromising, distilling down the art of trout fishing into a tool that will be just as relevant in fifty years as it was fifty years ago. Timeless is a word tossed around too often, but fiberglass rods defy the trends that come with cutting edge tackle. They cut through the noise and remind us why we fish in the first place: it’s an excuse to lose ourselves in stunning settings, and you don’t need a truck full of gear to do

Why Go Glass? Whether you’re a longtime fan of fiberglass or angler with an appreciation for trout fishing, the Leland Sierra Nevada Fiberglass won’t disappoint. Technology has changed fly fishing considerably in recent decades, and that’s all well and good. But it’s those elements of the sport that will never change, like dry fly fishing with a glass rod, that make for the best days on the water. The Sierra Nevada Glass rod is a celebration of everything we hope will never change about the sport.

Pro Review – Leland’s Keith Westra

I’ve been fortunate to fish some of the world’s most revered angling destinations. From the most remote to the most challenging, every place has its own character and draw. But there’s one destination that will always represent the heart and soul of fly fishing, and that’s California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Spanning 400 miles of incredible terrain, the Sierra is an angling mecca that happens to be a few hours from home. Countless small trout streams, born from Pacific rains and snowmelt, dissect the granite slopes of the Sierra Nevada and provide limitless options for anglers. It’s a place for solitude and wild trout.

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with the Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada Glass Outfit on a wonderful little creek, chock full of wild trout. I took my backpack, hiking boots, my Leland Dry Fly Box with a few favorites, and the six-piece Leland Glass fly rod. I followed the trail towards the sound of rushing water, found my stream, and set to it. Rod assembled, I mounted Leland’s Golden Trout fly reel. It’s a beautifully simple fly reel made for this type of intimate, small stream trout fishing.

For me, it’s a no brainer when it comes to the first fly: the Royal Wulff. This fun, fluffy dry fly looks like nothing in nature, but in these waters, opportunistic trout don’t seem to care. Each cast of the Leland Glass fly rod is a celebration of the sport. From short casts to medium length, I was spot on with accuracy and subtle presentation. The click of the Leland Golden Trout reel brings the whole thing together.

In a world full of big fish and super-performance fly equipment, it’s a treat and a good reminder to me that fly fishing has little to do with who can cast the farthest or who caught the most. It’s about enjoying the moment and the environments around. The Sierra Nevada is a special place for me and fishing with the right fly fishing outfit, designed specifically for waters like these, makes the experience that much better.