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Leland Rod Co. Predator Outfit

Topwater summertime action is here!  Are you ready?

You can literally find Largemouth Bass anywhere in the world, but they are most common from Mexico to Canada.  Odds are you have bass fishing within easy driving distance of you.  This is one of many reasons we came out with the Predator Outfit.

Along with the Largemouth Bass, another one of our favorite predatory fish that inhabit both saltwater and freshwater is the Striped  Bass.  Both of these fish are known for their aggressive takes and blow ups on surface flies.  Stripers will run hard and fast, while Largemouth tend to bulldog you while retreating for thick cover.

Having the right combo for dealing with these bruisers resulted in the development of the Predator Outfit for both Bass and Stripers.  The fast action Predator is a 9 foot 9 weight  4 pc. fly rod that features our proprietary Leland Squeeze Grip, chrome-plated stainless steel guides, and a double-uplocking dark nickel anodized aluminum reel.  It’s beautiful matte wine finish and pin point accuracy are just a few reasons this rod has become one of our favorites.

We’ve paired this rod with the Striper or Bass (depending on your preference) fly reel from our “best selling” Sonoma series.  Fully machined featuring type two anodization allows for a reel that will provide you years of service and reliability.  It’s classic click and pawl drag along with exposed rim takes you back to a time when reels where simple rather than “space age”.

Our Florida Keys floating fly line balances perfectly with this combo and allows for quick casts and easy delivery of big wind resistant flies.  Don’t let the name fool you….this line is supple enough and suited for warm water lakes and other bodies of water where bass and stripers live.

Click either the Predator Bass or Predator Striper buttons below to learn more and get one of these high quality, yet affordable combos for yourself!