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Leland Rod Co. New Zealand Trout Fly Line


Leland’s Pliny fly line will change your fly fishing world.

Efficient loops
Effortless fly line control
Easy distance, when you need it
Accurate and subtle presentations
Super stealthy line color
Welded loops for easy rigging

In the good old days, the famous R.L. Winston fly rod company of Twin Bridges, Montana claimed you’d catch 90% of your trout within an efficient, elegant and accurate forty foot (or shorter) fly cast. You know what? R.L. Winston fly rod company was right! So why are today’s fly lines designed for ultra distance?

Performance my friends, performance! Come on, who doesn’t like performance? Performance cars, performance running shoes and performance snow skis are just plain cool. It’s why we race belt sanders and riding lawn mowers…performance, competition and bragging rights! But when it comes to fly lines, is performance truly necessary? It is if you have an ultra-fast, performance fly rod and you think distance alone is the end goal and that this distance alone will catch you more trout.

Today’s performance fly lines now come with harder coatings, textured finishes, low-stretch cores and insanely long bellies (the weight forward part), all claiming uber-performance from some new technology with the single goal of ultra distance. These newfangled, performance fly lines were designed to compliment (or tame) today’s far-casting, ultra-fast fly rods. Still think you want a performance fly line?

If you’re an industry junky or skilled double-hauling tournament distance caster, all this performance fly line stuff is fine, but what if you just really like to fly fish for trout? What if you’re tired of attempting to hold the 47 foot head of the popular Rio Gold fly line in the air before you can efficiently shoot the running line? What if the resulting cast from this line is inaccurate and far beyond forty feet? What if after this long cast, it’s near impossible to control the drift of your fly and set your hook? You might want a different fly line.

After 30 years of fly casting instruction and selling all the latest and greatest fly lines we finally noticed a thing or two. Mainly, we noticed that our customers were confused with the overwhelming and ever-changing selection of performance fly lines and specialty profiles. We also noticed that our customers were tired of struggling to control the exceedingly long heads (the weight forward part) of today’s performance fly lines to then attempt to shoot the thinner running line. Bottom line…today’s fly lines are are not designed for fly fishing…they’re designed for performance distance casting.

Our Leland Pliny fly line, on the other hand, was designed for celebrating the defining attribute of our sport (the cast) and for responsible trout fishing…forty feet or less. Sure, you can easily and efficiently cast our fly line much, much further, should the fishing situation demand. But in most cases (as the R.L. Winston fly rod company once knew) 90% of your trout will be caught within the combined length of a fly rod, our fly line’s head and a tapered leader…forty feet! This is the very same fly line that is included with our Leland New Zealand Trout Fly Fishing Outfit as well as our Sonoma Trout Traveler Fly Fishing Outfit.

But there’s more to our fly line. The Pliny fly line’s supple finish makes for smoother shaped loops, which are far more efficient in the air. The unique profile of our line was designed with efficiency and control in mind, making for easier and more accurate casts. Our fly line’s head is a dark olive green which blends perfectly with the common foliage found along trout streams. The dark olive green head then transitions to a noticeably-thinner, bright red running line, not only making identification of the weight-forward portion of our line super easy, but it also makes for efficient “shooting” of the line, adding easy (as in free) distance to any cast. Add a thin, welded loop on both ends of our Pliny line and you’ve got easy rigging, too.

It’s pretty simple, if you’re a tournament distance fly caster, keep buying long-bellied, hard-coated, performance fly lines to cast on your super fast-action fly rod…cast for ultra distance and win yourself a trophy. If however, you actually like to fly fish for trout, get yourself a Leland Pliny fly line and start enjoying every cast. Become efficient, accurate and intimate with your sport. Stop just catching trout and start earning them with a fly cast that your grandfather would be proud of. Oh, and our Leland Pliny fly line comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. The way we see it, if you aren’t thrilled with our work, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Send it back and we’ll return all your hard-earned money.

The Leland Pliny fly line…

Laser-etched micro-textured finish? No.
Hard-coated, super-performance technology? What?
Super low-stretch, performance core material? Umm…Negative.
Agent Y, superior lubrication mechanization? Sorry.
Uber-distance-casting-tech-automation (UDCTA)? Please stop!

The Leland Pliny fly line is just one heck of an efficient casting fly line that will make you smile on every cast and help you enjoy the sport that you love. We promise.

And the name? Our Pliny fly line was named after our favorite local Sonoma beer…Pliny the Elder. For those of you fly fishers who know beer, you probably already know what a Pliny is. For those of you who don’t, here’s a link for more information. Be sure to put this one on your beer “bucket list.” You can thank us later.

Got a question about the best-casting fly line, or the best-tasting beer for that matter, give us a toll-free call at 866-672-1959.

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